Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 13th November 2019: Rohit confess to Sonakshi about Raima’s truth

Episode begins with Raima freaks out upon listening to the entire thing from Sonakshi. She says the marriage procession has already reached downstairs and in some moments the rituals for the marriage will start as well and now you are saying to go out for shooting? Sonakshi says I am also wandering over the same as the marriage procession is here but channel is giving ultimatum about closing the show and I could not jeopardize that earning of too many people. Sulochana is listening to the conversation from outside of the room. She messaged Raima and ask her to come out of the room. Sulochona gives Raima the plan to swap herself with Sonakshi at the marriage venue and get married to Rohit as this is the chance she was looking for. Raima says but why will Sonakshi agree for this?Sulochona says you are the friend of Sonakshi, Hence she trust you and you can encash on that.

Raima comes in the room and says the same to Sonakshi but she denies and says this is not possible. Raima says similar things do happen in your TV serials right why can’t we do the same in real life? Sonakshi says to her that is TV serial and this is real life. We cannot pull any such stunt in our marriage. Raima keep on manipulating her and says people will bless Rohit along with you if you can save the earning of so many people. Sonakshi finally get convinced with her words at reluctantly agreed to her idea and promised Raima that she would be back soon. On the other hand, Pari and Rohit made a deal that she will help him to meet Sonakshi and in return he will give her his shoes. Pari help him to know that she is alone in her room so he can go and meet her. While on the other hand, Rohit at his uncle to get package shoes and not to spend a single money on this as they are sindhis.

Rohit comes to meet Sonakshi at her home and confesses about what Raima did last night in his bedroom. He says I feel very bad and I even hit her but maybe she is not able to digest the fact that I am getting married to someone else in front of her eyes. He says her to be with him in handling Raima.
Raima gets angry to hear the words of Rohit and says let us get married as soon as possible. Sonakshi went out of the house to shoot for her show and Mahesh comes there with the car of Rohit. He asks Sonakshi to sit in and he drove to the set.

Sonakshi gets done with her shoot and while returning she informed the entire thing to Sumit and he gets tensed to know that Raima is sitting as bride in the marriage venue.

Sonakshi is coming back while she is having a conversation with her soap producer Netra in the car. During the talk she comes to know that the driver of Netra mam is absent and Mahesh can not get any call from him. Mahesh finally opens up to her about his real intentions and Sonakshi realised he is the one who is her stalker from all these days. He took her to a different direction and when she tried to escape he slapped her hard and she faints. Here Rohit sits at mandap for Var Pooja.

Precap : Mahesh is marrying Sonakshi forcefully and Pooja comes to know about bride swap.