Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st June 2019 Written Update: Rohit’s family returns from London!


Episode today opens with Sonakshi calling Preeti. The girl tells her that operation was successful. The duo talks over the call. Parvati asked Preeti to give 2 kisses to the doctor.

Jeet calls and tells Rohit that their Parents are back along with Tanya and Pooja. All are waiting for you. Rohit says he is coming back home. Rohit vents out and says why he came to meet idiot actress. She was giving lectures to him about emotions. He asks Ravi to drive fast. Driver says to Rohit that Veena mam asked him not to drive your car fast. He asked don’t give lecture and drive fast.

Suman comes to the parlor Nishi takes her inside. She started buttering her. Suman doubts why she is talking sweet with her. The duo talks over the charges that Suman has dealt for the hospital’s inauguration. Nishi says to Suman if Sonakshi wants to do the event in 5 lakhs. Suman bargains and says 6 lakh. Nishi agrees on 6.50 lakh.

Sumit ask for the script. He calls Bunty and says go and inform Netra that for her sake he is ready to shoot with Sonakshi.

Rohit comes and greets everyone. They sit and discuss about Rohit’s marriage. Rohit ask where is mom. Veena is seen scolding servants for purchasing vegetable from Natures green. Rohit comes and meet Veena. He asked about London trip. Everyone talks about the London marriage.

Veena ask Rohit how is the OT inaugartion preparation is going on. She asks who the chief guest is. Rohit tells some Doctor name to her and goes away.

Suman calls Sona and tells her about the event. Sonakshi ask her mother not to take any charge for the hospital event. Suman says she knows you don’t charge for noble cause.

Bunty comes and informs Sonakshi that Sumit is ready to shoot with her. Sona ask for the script. She sees it’s a bedroom romantic scene.

Rohit gets ready to leave for the hospital. He searches for his watch. Veena ask how careless he is. The watch was of 8 lakhs. Rohit says he can’t afford to lose that watch. Veena asks him to go she will try searching it.

Sumit gets Rohit’s watch. He says the watch is of 8 lakhs and thinks something holding it.

Veena calls Rohit and says she found his watch it’s with Simmi, go and take from her. Suman bumps with Rohit her mobile falls down. Rohit apologize. She yells he broke her expensive mobile and asks for the money. Rohit says is he seems ATM to her. He says to send the bill he will transfer money. Rohit leaves.

Suman gets to know about Rohit and gets shocked that he is Nishi’s nephew. Nishi comes and Suman tells her that she wanted 50k discount now she is taking 75k from here because her Nephew broke her mobile. Nishi gets shocked. Suman gets happy.

Sumit ask to fix the mic. He says today is bedroom scene then why they are doing set up in the living room. Sona says she asked them and explains him the upcoming scene. Director explains the scene to the both. Sumit taunts Sona and says this secen is rubbish better they would have done it in bedroom. He says next time he will change the scene. Sona looks at him.

Precape: Sona slaps Sumit. Otherside, everyone congratulates Rohit. Someone shouts for the help Sonakshi sees Rohit hanging on the tree and gets shocked.

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