Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 21st November 2019: Ronakshi’s cute talk on their nuptial night

Today’s episode starts with Sippy boys gives tips to Rohit on his nuptial night. There, Vimmi too give tip to Sonakshi. Rohit enters the room and sees Sonakshi.

Few hours ago, Vimmi tells to Rohit that Sonakshi has been left out. Venna and others apologizes to Sonakshi. Sonakshi ask not to be and enters the house. Venna ask Sonakshi to perform the ritual.

Sonakshi performs the ritual. She goes to Rohan and asks how is he. Rohan says to Sonakshi she is fine. Pari comes and Sonakshi ask what she is doing here. Pari tells to Sonakshi that she was missing her thus came to meet her.

Ahead, Rohan ask Pari not to show fake concern to him. Pari says to Rohan that she was genuinely worrying about him thus came to see him. Rohan ask Pari is she will come to meet him next day too.

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कहां तुम कहां तुम 21 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: सोनाक्षी को देखकर रोहित मंत्रमुग्ध!

Here, Rohit checks Rohan. Akash sees him yawning and says to YK that Rohit is idiot. Ahead, Yk, Akash, Ajit and Rohan motivates Rohit and ask him to become a man on his first night. Rohit tells to them that he is nervous. Other side, Vimmi comes to Sonakshi and gives the tip to her on her nuptial night.

Later, Rohit comes to the room. He sees Sonakshi and closes the door. (Tumhi dekho na song plays in the background). Rohit sees Sonakshi sitting to the left side. He says that he is man of the house thus he will sleep on the left side. Sonakshi says to Rohit that from now left side belongs to her. The duo does an argument.

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Afterwards, Rohit ask Sonakshi to remove her veil. Sonakshi seeks Rohit’s help in removing her veil. Rohit gets mesmerized seeing Sonakshi. He praises her beauty and removes her jewelry. Rohit and Sonakshi sleep together, holding each other. Sonakshi, tells to Rohit that she was nervous for her first night but now she is not. Rohit sleeps feels sleepy and sleeps before Sonakshi. (Episode Ends)

Precap: pari and pulkit comes to take Sonakshi home for some ritual. Rohit paincs thinking Sonakshi will not be with him for whole one day.