Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 29th November 2019: Pari’s wicked plan against Pooja!

Today’s episode starts with Rohit and YK ask for the newspaper from Sonakshi. Rohit sees the newspaper that reads Sonakshi has mentioned that Pooja is adopted.

Few hours ago; Rohit ask Sonakshi not to feel bad about anyone’s word as Puja’s matter is sensitive. Sonakshi ask Rohit why he always gets hyper when it comes to reveal Puja’s adoption. Rohit ask Sonakshi not to over think. Pari overhears Sonakshi and Rohit’s talk and thinks to avenge Puja for insulting.

Sonakshi recalls Rohit’s word. Ahead, Netra comes to Sonakshi and ask her what she wants to talk. Sonakshi requests Netra to reschedule the shooting time so that she can spend more time with her family. Netra agrees and tells to Sonakshi that she is ready to do all sort of time managing for her.

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कहां तुम कहां हम 29 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: पूजा के खिलाफ परी की दुष्ट योजना!

There, Sonakhsi’s blouse hangs at Rohit’s pocket. Hospital staff laughs at him. Ahead, Sonakshi calls and tells to Rohit that her blouse his hanging at his back. Rohi

Pari gives Puja’s news to the journalist and ask her to publish it without revealing her name. Journalist publishes the news. In the morning, Rohit and YK look for a newspaper. Vimmi brings the paper. Rohit stands shocked reading the newspaper that reads Sonakshi has mentioned that Pooja is adopted. Pooja shouts out loudly. Rohit and YK run to her room and Rohit thinks if Pooja has read the news.

Rohit and YK see the blood and finds out that Puja’s leg got hurt. Other side, Pari smiles wickedly reading newspaper and later Suman gets shocked too reading the apper. Here, Naren gets angry on Sonakshi. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sippy family and Rohit accuses Sonakshi for giving Puja’s adoption news in the paper.