Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 2nd December 2019: Rohit learns about Pari’s cunning act!

Today’s episode starts with Rohan saying to Sonakshi is she hasn’t said than how media will come to know. Sonakshi ask Venna to believe her. She ask to call Tapasya and she refuses that she won’t publish anything beyond to something she has said. Sonakshi stands teary.

Few hours ago, Rohit says to YK to keep Puja away from newpaper and mobile, as her adoption news has spread in the newspaper. There, Sonakshi tries to explain that she hasn’t given any statement against Puja but Naren, Rohan refuses to believe her. Naren accuses Sonakshi and says she can do anything for publicity but they belong to a reputed family. Rohit comes and Sonakshi ask him to believe her. Akash accuses Sonakshi too.

Sonakshi ask Sippy mates to trust her. Rohit interrupted and supports Sonakshi and tells to Naren and others that he trust her. There, YK destroys Puja’s mobile. Here, Sonakshi ask Rohit to call Tapasya. Tapasya ask Sonakshi she can’t raise a question on her work. She adds she won’t publish anything beyond to something she has said. Sonakshi stands shocked and teary. Rohan accuses Sonakshi for stooping low. Rohit does argument with Rohan.

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Ahead, Shukhmani, Venna and Rohit decide to keep Puja away from the news. Sonakshi says she will take care of Puja and will not let her to come to know the truth. Naren and Rohan refuses but YK comes and allows Sonakshi to go to Puja.

Afterwards, Sonakshi takes Puja on her set so that she can keep her away from the news. There, Rohit reaches to Tapsaya office and traps her and ask her to confess the truth if Sonakshi has given the statement or not. Tapsaya tells to Rohit that Pari has asked her to write the news. Rohit gets angry on Tapsaya and accuses her for spreading rubbish. Later, Rohit reaches Sonakshi’s home and Pari stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pooja about to read the newspaper but Sonakshi interrupts her.