Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 6th January 2020 : Rohit learns that Sonakshi has decided to quit her job!


Today’s episode opens with Sonakshi asking Suman why she called Rohit. Rohit ask Suman what happened. Suman tells to Rohit that Sonakshi has decided to quit her joc.

Few hours ago; Sonakshi says to Rani that she hate the liar. Meanwhile, she gets a call from Netra and runs to meet hearing Suman is there. There, Rohan ask Pari not to be scared, as nothing will happen. Here, Rani scolds Pooja and drags her out from her room. Pooja gets upset and Venna consoles her gives her the idea to pacify Rani.

Elsewhere, Rohit gets angry on YK and Nishi for making Rani’s plan. He receives a call from Suman and Sonakshi ask her why she has called Rohit. Rohit learns that Sonakshi has decided to quit her job. He asks Suman to relax and says he will talk with Sonakshi. Other side, Rohan learns that Tanya has fixed a tracker in a car and thinks of double crossing her.

Afterwards, Rohit ask Sonakshi to tell her the reason why she quit her job. Sonakshi says her job is affecting her family. There, Suman takes the stress thinking about Sonakshi’s decision. Here, Sonakshi counts and tells to Rohit that because of her whole Sippy family is suffereing.

Later, Suman allows Pari to work with Rohan and ask her meet Rohan at his home only. So that she can give her the information about whatever Sonakshi is going through at Sippy mansion. Pari gets happy and smiles wickedly.

Sonakshi tells to Rohit that when he went Delhi Naren has talked with her. He is not comfortable with her job. Rohit ask if she is quitting her job because of his family then she should definitely not do it. Sonakshi says she will do some other work. And says for the sake of her family she will quit her job. There, Netra learns something and gets shocked and decides to tell Sonakshi.  Here, Sonakshi decides to inform Netra that she is finally quitting her job.

Precap: Rohit tells to Naren for her sake Sonakshi has quitted her job. Sippy family stands shocked.

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