Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 8th January 2020 : Sonakshi learns about Rani’s fake drama!

Today’s episode opens with Rani pleading in front of Rohit and asking him to return Sitara. Sonakshi enters the room and spots Rani with Rohit.

Few moment ago; Pooja throws Rani out. Rohit ask Rani to leave and says her stuff they will send back home. Pooja cries and Venna ask Nishi to take her to the room. Sonakshi says she will bring their food in their room. Naren ask Venna to stop Sonakshi from doing anything now, as she has already done much damage in Pooja’s life. Rohit gets angry on Naren and reveals to all that Sonakshi quit her well-settled job for Naren and his family. Venna and others stands shocked.

Naren refuses to believe Sonakshi and says Sonakshi is doing drama. He says one day Sonakshi will separate Rohit from them. Nishi interrupts and ask Venna and Naren to cheer Pooja to organize party for her.

There, Suman calls Sonakshi and gets angry on Naren. Rohit over hear. Sonakshi ask Suman not to interfere in her house matter. Later, Sonakshi confronts about Rohit his meeting with Rani. Here, Rohit tries to scare Tanya. There, Rohit says to Sonakshi that he went to meet Rani out of concern and apologize to Sonakshi for lying her. Sonakshi hugs Rohit. The duo shares romantic time together. Ronakshi was inches close to share the kiss but Rohit’s phone rings and interrupts the duo.

Rohit says to Sonakshi there is some emergency thus he has to go hospital. Other side, Sippy family cheers up Pooja by performing a dance. Sonakshi imagines Rohit and dances with him. Sippy family welcomes New Year. Next, Sonakshi decides to meet Rohit.

At hospital,  Rani pleads in front of Rohit and ask him to return Sitara. Sonakshi enters the room and spots Rani with Rohit. Rohit stands shocked. Rani exposes Rohit in front Sonakshi and pleads her to help her in getting Sitara back.

Sonakshi slaps Rani and ask her to stop her drama. She says she knows Nishi brought her so that she can fill hatred in Pooja’s heart for her mother. She warns Rani her work is done and from now she should stay away from her family. Sonakshi makes Rani signs some paper and ask her not to ever try to meet Pooja. Rohit tells Sitara’s address to Rani. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit tells to Nishi that he told about Pooja’s parents to Sonkashi and she is not talking with her.