Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update 9th December 2019: Pooja’s shocking revelation!

Today’s episode starts with Sonakshi saying to Rohit to tell her the name of the person who has leaked the news of Pooja in the paper. Furious Rohit ask Sonakshi to shut up and yells at her. Sonakhsi stands stunned.

Few hours ago, Sonakshi about to give her hand to Pooja but Nishi interrupts and ask her to stay away from her daughter. Nishi talks with Pooja and ask her to promise she will never do such things again. Pooja shocks everyone by addressing Nishi, as Nishi Sippy. She talks rudely with Nishi.

Ahead, Pooja says she only like Sonakshi because she the only person who made her knows the biggest truth of her life. Nishi stands teary. Pooja says she only wants Sonakshi in the room. Rohit ask everyone to go out of the room and Nishi breaks down thinking they lost Pooja.

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कहां हम कहां तुम 9 दिसंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: पूजा का चौंकाने वाला रहस्य का खुलासा!

Nishi accuses Sonakshi for destroying the family happiness. Rohit over hears Nishi’s talk and defends Sonakshi in front of her. The duo does the verbal argument and Nishi accuses Rohit for being blind in the love. Rohit says to his family if they believe him than they should believe that Sonakshi hasn’t leaked Pooja’s news in the paper. Pooja and Sonakshi come and Pooja says she won’t stay in her room. Here, Pulkit threatens Pari and ask him dare not to go to Sippy mansion without Suman or him. Pari cries.

Other side, Sonakshi insists Rohit to tell her the name of the culprit who has leaked Pooja’s news in paper. Rohit get irked and yells at Sonakshi. He goes to the hospital and spends the night there.

Sonakshi prepares breakfast for Pooja. Nishi taunts Sonakshi and accuses her for spreading the Pooja’s news for publicity. Sonakshi gives befitting reply to Nishi and shuts her mouth. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sonakshi learned that Rohit knows about Pooja’s biological parents.