Kahani to speak up for Saroj: Namak Issk Ka Spoiler

Kahani to speak up for Saroj: Namak Issk Ka Spoiler
Kahani to speak up for Saroj: Namak Issk Ka Spoiler

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is witnessing Yug and Kahani facing tough challenges after their marriage. Kahani got to know about Yug’s innocence and Iravati’s evil black magic game.

In the last episode, Kahani got hurt with Yug’s love confession for Gunjan. Kahani and Gunjan were seen fighting for their rights on Yug. Gunjan’s heart broke when Police inspector helped Kahani in getting her right on Yug. Kahani thanked Patanga for helping her in getting Yug and her marriage Video.

While defending herself from Yug, Kahani ran outside the house and got shocked seeing Iravati’s black magic ritual. She got happy knowing that Yug never tried to kill her on his own will. Before she could get proof against Iravati, the latter removed them all.

In the episode ahead, Rony will try to reconcile with Rupa but Rupa will give him a stern reply and leave. Next morning Daadi will be seen rebuking Gunjan for eating food early in the morning instead of performing pooja. Saroj will come forward in her support and in return will get badly taunted by Daadi.

Gunjan will speak nothing even after watching Saroj getting berated and taunted by Daadi for speaking in her favour. Kahani will come forward and speak up for Saroj but in return Daadi and Saroj both will insult her. She will give Daadi a stern reply and Saroj an advice for her betterment and leave.

Gunjan will show fake concern for Saroj. Kahani will reach her room, both Kahani and Yug will have Nok-Jhok. She will make a video of self-confession that she will herself be responsible for her own condition. She will ask Yug to kill her and finish everything, but Yug will not be able to kill her.

Yug will tell her that she will leave soon as her and her siblings passports will be arriving in 3-4 days. Kahani will refuse to leave the house. Saroj will announce that Kahani will not get any food from now on. Kahani will confront everyone for it.

Gunjan will be seen bringing a lawyer and make Yug sign the divorce papers. Kahani will cut-short Gunjan’s happiness by burning divorce papers. Lawyer will threaten Kahani by making the video of her burning court papers.

Kahani will shock everyone and scare the lawyer by bringing his bitter reality in front of everyone. She will threaten him to make legal papers saying that, “no one can make her leave Rajput house.” Otherwise she will release his evil deed photos and videos in Media. Kahani will ask money from Yug for Rani and Lucky’s food.

We recently got our hands on two videos of Namak Issk Ka, first one showed that in the upcoming track, Kahani will be seen hospitalized, see video:

Second video is the new montage of Namak Issk Ka, See video:

Will Yug get successful in sending Kahani away? Will Kahani get to know about her and Ravikant’s relation before it gets too late? Why Patanga helped Kahani? Will Kahani be able to expose Iravati? What will be Iravati and Gunjan’s next step?

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