Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th February 2024 Written Update: Amruta admits Dyaneswari in the hospital

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dyaneswari shouting Amruta’s name and loses consciousness. Amruta, Harsh and Bhavani come to Dyaneswari. Harsh checks Dyaneswari’s pulse and says that it is really weak. Harsh says they need to take Dyaneswari to the hospital. Jahan calls Ambulance and learns that it will take 15 min time to reach here. Amruta hearing this decides to take Dyaneswari to the hospital on the scooty. Bhavani agrees as she doesn’t have a choice.


Virat returns home. Babita, Bebe and Deepika praise Virat for what he has done. Virat comments on it. Virat apologises to Babita for not listening to her and says to Babita that she should have fired Amruta from the job a long time ago. Virat says Shekhar that they should party today. Shekhar suggests Virat against it. Babita says to Virat that he can party if he wants and asks Virat to party in the house and he doesn’t need to go anywhere. Virat agrees.

Amruta and Harsh are about to take Dyaneswari to the hospital on scooty. Jayesh comes to Amruta and argues with them and says he will not allow her to take Dyaneswari like this. Amruta reminds that his car is with Ishika and they don’t have time to wait for her.

Bhavani pulls Jayesh away and asks Amruta not to care about anyone and admit Dyaneswari in the hospital. Amruta agrees and leaves from there.

Virat is shown to be drinking alcohol and thinks of Amruta. Virat dreams of dancing with Amruta in anger and she later throws water on his face. Virat comes out of his day dream and realises that it was just a dream. Virat thinks what is going on as he is thinking about Amruta even after what she did with his family. Virat breaks the glass in anger. Virat leaves from there.

Amruta prays to God and hopes that nothing will happen to Dyaneswari.

In the hospital, Bhavani praises Amruta for her thinking as she brought Dyaneswari on time to the hospital. Ishika comes to the hospital and meets Jayesh in the hospital. Ishika blames Bhavani and Amruta for what happened.

Dildar comes to Virat and questions Virat about why is he still sad. Virat says to Dildar that he was betrayed by Amruta. Virat says to Dildar that he shared things with Amruta that he hasn’t shared with anyone and she told his biggest secret to others. Virat comments on Amruta. Dildar asks Virat if he is sure that Amruta is the one who told to Dyaneswari. Virat says no one besides Amruta knows about this. Virat says he will take revenge on Amruta for what she has done. Dildar advises Virat against it as he already took revenge.

Jayesh blames Bhavani and Amruta for Dyaneswari’s condition. Bhavani asks Jayesh not to blame them for his deed. Ishika reminds Bhavani that it was her idea to show Dyaneswari that they are a happy family instead of telling the truth. Bhavani asks Amruta to leave it. Amruta asks Ishika to leave from here. Ishika says she will not leave as in there is Dyaneswari mother of Jayesh. Jayesh asks Bhavani to leave. Bhavani argues with Jayesh about saying she will not leave. Harsh comes and says that it will take time for Dyaneswari to regain consciousness.

Amruta asks Harsh to make sure Dyaneswari doesn’t meet anyone that will make her stressed. Harsh agrees. Amruta and Bhavani leave from there. Ishika thinks she will soon make Amruta and Bhavani leave from the society also.

Episode ends.

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