Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th June 2024 Written Update: Amruta completes her first kitchen ritual

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Amruta tending to Virat’s wound. Virat thinks Amruta is just putting up an act as if she cares for him. Jahan says to Amruta that she put her luggage outside the door and asks Amruta to take it. Amruta agrees. Amruta takes her luggage and goes into the washroom to put her brush and other things. Virat asks Amruta what is she doing here. Amruta reminds Virat that he is the one who wanted her to stay here. Virat comments on Amruta and says to Amruta that she will not stay here and says this is his personal space. Amruta tricks Virat and locks Virat in the washroom. Amruta asks Virat to stay in the washroom for tonight as he locked her yesterday. Babita witnesses Amruta has put her clothes in Virat’s cupboard. Dildar calls Babita. Dildar sees Babita and takes her to their room.

Babita looks at Virat and Amruta’s photo. Babita recalls how Virat has gone against her for Amruta. Babita thinks she has to throw Amruta out of this house before Virat realises he has feelings for Amruta.

The next day, Amruta comes to the washroom. Amruta sees Virat sleeping and comes to him. Virat wakes up and asks Amruta if she is trying to take advantage of him. Amruta comments on Virat. Amruta asks Virat to leave the washroom and says she has to freshen up. Virat doesn’t agree and comments on her. Amruta tries to pull Virat away. Virat pulls Amruta towards her. Amruta comments on Virat and leaves from there.

Amruta makes Halwa for her first kitchen ritual. Dildar seeing praises Amruta. Dildar later goes to do walking on the terrace.

Babita asks Kavita if the lift is not working. Kavita says yes. Babita decides to execute their plan. Kavita hides in a corner. Babita calls for help. Amruta comes and asks Babita what does she want. Babita asks Amruta to take her to the lift. Amruta agrees and takes her there. Babita asks Amruta to leave here and says Abhiraj is going to come to help her. Amruta agrees and leaves from there. Babita thinks this is going to be the last day that Amruta will be in this house.

Amruta and Ahuja family eat Halwa made by Amruta but they don’t know it is made by Amruta and praise it. When the servant tells that Amruta made the Halwa all the family members put it aside. Dildar gives Shagun to Amruta.

Kavita says to Virat that they can’t find Babita anywhere in the house. The servant says he last saw Babita with Amruta as Amruta is taking Babita somewhere.

Bhavani calls Amruta and asks Amruta why hasn’t she come till now. Amruta says Babita is missing and she was last seen with her and comments on it.

Virat comes to Amruta and asks Amruta where is Babita. Amruta says she doesn’t know. Kavita asks Virat to come with her saying Babita is stuck in the list. Virat asks Kavita how could Babita be in the lift. Kavita asks Virat to ask Babita.

Episode ends.

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