Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th March 2024 Written Update: Nimrit takes a stand for Rajiv

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Amruta thanking Raj for his help. Raj sees Amruta looking at Virat. Raj asks Virat if he was the one who is chasing Amruta. Raj asks Virat why is he treating a middle class woman like this. Raj comments on Virat.

Amruta asks Raj if she knows Virat. Virat says his name is Abhiraj. Abhiraj says Virat is his cousin. Virat asks Abhiraj what is he doing here. Abhiraj says he is trying to help someone who was betrayed by his own people.

The police come to Amruta and say to Amruta that there is no more case against her as they have caught the real culprit. The police say to Amruta that she is now free. Raj congratulates Amruta as she is free from Virat Singh Ahuja. Virat asks Raj why would Amruta want to be free from her. Raj asks Virat if he still thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong. Virat stays silent. Amruta says to Raj that it’s no use to expect Virat to change and comments on it.

The Chiknesh family come to Virat and Amruta. The Chiknesh family comment on Virat as due to his false accusation Amruta has gone to jail. Shekhar later comes to Virat and says to Virat that Tara gave her statement that Rajiv is behind the planning and plotting of this whole robbery.
Virat and Shekhar leave from there. Raj offers to drop Chiknesh family. Amruta says there is no need for it.

Babita asks Amruta how dare she accuse Rajiv with the robbery and says she will not allow it and asks Amruta to leave from here.

Nimrit comes out of the room and asks Virat what is going on here. Virat asks Nimrit to call Rajiv out as he wants to talk to him. Nimrit doesn’t agree to it.

Bhavani and Jahan return to the apartments. Ishika comes to Bhavani and satirically praises Bhavani as Amruta fooled Virat and The cops that Rajiv stole the money, not Amruta. Bhavani manhandled Ishika and scolds Ishika calling her a termite and comments on her. Bhavani says to Ishika that she will for anything for her daughter.

Virat pulls Rajiv out of the room and asks Rajiv to tell the truth. Rajiv asks Nimrit why are they accusing him like this. Rajiv says he is innocent.

Dildar says to Rajiv that he is not innocent and says Tara wouldn’t have taken his name if he is innocent. Rajiv says Tara wants to frame him.

Nimrit says to Virat that Amruta joined hands with Tara to frame Rajiv. Rajiv also agrees with Nimrit. Nimrit’s also says to Virat that if they want to say that Rajiv is cheating on her then she needs proof.

Episode ends.

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