Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th June 2024 Written Update: Amruta proves Bhavani’s innocence

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with two people bringing Babita into the Ahuja. Dildar asks them what happened with Babita. They say that Babita was stuck in the lift. They say it’s a good thing Bhavani told them that Babita is stuck in the lift.

The Ahuja family take care of Babita. Dildar calls the doctor. Babita thinks once Kavita brings Virat here she can execute her plan. Kavita brings Virat to Babita.

Babita acts as if she is feeling suffocation. The doctor checks Babita and says to Virat that Babita’s BP has gone down and says due to being stuck in the lift she also suffocated a lot. The doctor says Babita could have died and asks Virat how could they be this careless with Babita and asks Virat to be careful. The doctor leaves from there.

Babita asks Virat to take her to Delhi as she doesn’t feel safe here. Babita says she begged Amruta not to lock her in the lift but she pushed Babita into the lift and locked her in the lift. Amruta asks Babita to stop lying. Amruta says she knows Babita hates her but it doesn’t mean she can accuse her for something she didn’t do.

Kavita asks Bhavani how did she know that Babita is stuck in the lift. Bhavnani says she overheard Babita shouting for help so she called for help and got Babita out of the lift. Kavita accuses Bhavani and Amruta joining hands to trap Babita in the lift. Virat hearing this leaves from there.

The cops come to Ahuja house. Amruta thinks the cops came to arrest her but she gets shocked learning that the cops came to arrest Bhavani. The cops arrest Bhavani and take her away. Amruta says to Virat that Bhavani is innocent. Virat says to Amruta that she tried to kill Babita and this is his reply. Amruta goes after the cops.

Babita comments on Virat saying he doesn’t care for her. Virat says to Babita that he brought Amruta into this house to remind himself that she is responsible for Babita’s condition. Virat says he is keeping Amruta infront of him so that he could hate her and says he is doing all of this for her. Virat is about to leave from there. Babita thinks Virat said he did this to hate Amruta but not that he hates Amruta. Babita thinks she has to do something. Babita stands and stops Virat. Everyone gets surprised to see Babita standing on her feet. Everyone feels happy. Later, Juneja visits Virat and expresses his desire to meet Amruta. Virat stands shocked.

Amruta tells the Inspector that they can’t arrest Bhavani without any proof. The inspector says they will find the proof later. Amruta says she has proof to prove Bhavani’s innocence. The inspector asks what’s the proof. Amruta shows her the CCTV footage that Bhavani was at home when Babita stuck in a lift. The inspector says to Amruta that she is not arresting Bhavani but she will arrest her if she gets any evidence against her.

Juneja tells Virat’s family that his wife is his luck. He tells Virat’s family that Amruta is lucky for Virat. Babita gives credit for her recovery to Juneja. Dildar says Amruta’s lucky. Juneja tells the Virat family that they can sign the deal in the presence of Amruta.

Episode ends.

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