Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 15th June 2024 Written Update: Amruta proves Harsh’s innocence

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 15th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Nimrit telling the servant that Rajiv doesn’t like this food and she asks the servant to prepare it once again. Nimrit thinks if this servant makes a mistake then Rajiv will scold her and comments on it.

Amruta runs into Nimrit. Nimrit shouts in pain. Amruta apologises to Nimrit. Nimrit blames Amruta for the wound. Amruta says this kind of a wound will not happen just because she ran into her. Nimrit asks Amruta if she thinks Nimrit is lying. Amruta says she doesn’t have time for it. Amruta leaves from there.

Babita sees Nimrit’s wound and asks Nimrit what happened. Nimrit says Amruta ran into her with something in her bag and says that’s why she is injured. Babita says this injury looks old and says new injury doesn’t look like this. Nimrit sees Rajiv and lies to Babita that she might have fallen in the party last night and she realised it just now.

Amruta and Bhavani wait for Harsh in the principal office. The lecturer brings Harsha into the principal office. The lecturer says to Amruta, Bhavani and the principal that Harsh is caught red handed with this slip in the exam by him. Amruta says to the lecturer that Harsh doesn’t need these slips as he is a topper. Amruta also shows to the lecturer that the writing on these slips doesn’t match with Harsh. Amruta asks Harsh to write his name on the paper. Amruta shows Harsh writing to the principal and the lecturer. Amruta says someone might be trying to frame Harsh and that’s why he did this. The principal warns Amruta and Harsh that this kind of thing should not happen again. Amruta asks the principal to warn the lecturer also as lecturer doesn’t have the right to raise his hand on Harsh.

Virat and Dildar wait for Amruta but she doesn’t come. Virat, Dildar and Babita leave to the airport. Kavita says to Abhiraj that she thinks Babita is going to do something big this time.

Nimrit lashes out at Amruta why hasn’t she gone to the airport. Amruta says she missed her flight and she is trying to catch another flight. Nimrit comments on Amruta. Harsh comes to Amruta and says to Amruta that she has a way to send him to Goa and asks Amruta not to worry.

Virat, Dildar and Babita reach Goa. Mr and Mrs Juneja greet Ahuja family. Mr Juneja asks Babita where is Amruta. Babita lies that Amruta went to take rest in her room. Mr Juneja hearing it says they will make the deal final tomorrow. Babita agrees. Virat asks Babita why did she lie. Babita asks Virat not to worry and says she will handle everything.

Virat sends voice message to Amruta that she is fraud as she hasn’t kept her word. Virat dreams of Amruta coming to his room and arguing with him. Virat comes out of his day dream after a while.

The next day, Virat, Dildar and Babita get ready to meet Juneja. Babita asks Dildar and Virat not to worry as she has confidence to convince them to this deal. Babita, Dildar and Virat come to the kitchen and see Mr and Mrs Juneja praising someone.

Babita gets shocked seeing it is Amruta and thinks how did she come here. Amruta teaches Juneja how to make Puri. Mr and Mrs Juneja praise Amruta infront of the Ahuja family.

Episode ends.

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