Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 25th January 2024 Written Update: The Pandit unknowingly matches Virat and Amruta’s Kundali

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The episode starts with Amruta saying to Virat that if he gets this person’s sponsorship then she will believe that he can do anything. Virat takes up Amruta’s challenge. Amruta says if he is not able to get the sponsorship then he should not spend a dime on this festival. Virat agrees to this deal. Amruta leaves from there. Virat calls Shekhar about it.

Babita offers sweets to all the family members. Babita announces to all the family members that she has decided to do Virat and Sanjana’s pre engagement ceremony today. Dildar gets shocked hearing this. Bebe and Deepika ask Babita to do it. Dildar says to Babita that Virat will not like her surprise as Virat is not ready for marriage. Babita says he will be ready and reminds him that Virat will never go against her. Dildar says to Babita that they can’t manage everything suddenly. Babita says everything will be managed on time as Ishika also knows a Pandit. Babita asks Murali to give Virat’s Kundali to Ishika’s Pandit. Murali agrees and leaves from there.

Nimrit comes to Babita and learns about Virat’s pre engagement ceremony. Nimrit gets upset as all of the attention will not be on her and Rajiv. Babita asks Ishika to design Rajiv and Nimrit’s clothes and everyone’s attention should be on them. Ishika agrees. Babita asks her family to keep this matter about Virat’s pre engagement ceremony a secret. Babita says this is a surprise for Virat. Everyone agrees.

Amruta gives the good news to Bhavani that her job became permanent and she also doesn’t need to leave the job after the notice period. Amruta says Virat also increased her salary. Bhavani gives the good news to Harsh and Jahan and she also tells them about the notice period to Harsh and Jahan. Harsh asks Amruta about the notice period. Amruta realises she slipped her tongue and revealed the news about her decision of leaving the job. Bhavani asks Jahan what should she do as Amruta has said nothing to her about the decision of leaving the job. Amruta apologises to Bhavani saying she is worried for her. Jahan also says to Bhavani that they don’t know when she will leave the house after writing a letter. Bhavani says to Everyone that she will change herself and become strong. Amruta asks Bhavani to get back the gold that she put under the mortgage for Jayesh. Harsh says he will also do shopping. Amruta agrees and says there will be everything without a worry. Bhavani says she wants to bless Virat as he is a really good guy and hopes that he will get a good wife. Amruta recalls about it.

Dyaneswari comes to Amruta and talks to Amruta. Dyaneswari asks Amruta not to think lightly about her future. Amruta agrees.

Dildar comes to Babita and confides his concern to Babita saying Virat will not like her surprise. Babita asks Dildar what else can they do. Dildar says they can find a woman that Virat likes. Babita reminds Dildar that Priyanka was Virat’s choice and reminds him how much she hurt Virat. Dildar says to Babita he is worried that her obsession to do Virat’s marriage will push him back to how he was when he was getting divorced. Dildar leaves from there.

The pandit is about to come to Amruta’s house. Murali comes to the Pandit and gives Virat’s Kundali to the Pandit. Murali leaves from there.

The pandit matches Gautam and Amruta’s Kundali. The Pandit drops Gautam’s Kundali. His bag also falls and Virat’s Kundali comes out of it. The pandit picks up Virat and Amruta’s Kundali and matches them. The pandit says to Amruta and Gautam’s family that both the Kundali match really well and they get 36 points. Amruta’s family and Gautam’s feel happy hearing the news. The pandit’s disciple noticed Gautam’s Kundali on the floor. The Pandit’s disciple reveals to Pandit that he matched the wrong Kundali and says he should have matched Gautam’s Kundali with Amruta. The Pandit sees Dyaneswari bringing the money. The Pandit asks his disciple to keep his mouth shut. The Pandit’s disciple thinks this might be a sign from God that Virat and Amruta are going to be together.

Virat asks Singhdana Chikkiwala if he agrees to sponsor the Lohri and Makar Sankranthi festivals. Singhdana says he has a condition.

Singhdana takes photos of Virat as a model for his Chikki and tells him how to pose. Virat decides to take revenge on Amruta for this later.

Episode ends.

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