Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 27th January 2024 Written Update: Dyaneswari scolds Babita

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 27th January 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dyaneswari scolding Jayesh as he isn’t even encouraging his wife when she is dancing. Ishika comes to Jayesh and stares at him. Dyaneswari says to Ishika that she will not get anything today and asks Ishika to go to her family and enjoy Lohri. Ishika leaves from there. Dyaneswari asks Jayesh to cheer his family as they are dancing. Jayesh agrees.


Amruta looks at Virat and asks Virat how is her dance through her eyes. Virat comments on it.

Virat dances to a song. The entire Ahuja family dance along with Virat. Virat says he has a surprise and asks everyone to come and dance. Amruta and her family also dance along with Virat. Amruta asks Virat to look around and says this is what she is speaking about and asks Virat to enjoy this moment. Virat agrees.

Babita sees Sanjana is not wearing the dress that she selected for Sanjana and she asks Deepika about it. Deepika says to Babita that she gave Sanjana the dress but Sanjana hasn’t worn it. Babita feels upset as Amruta’s Dupatta is matching with Virat, not Sanjana’s dress. Babita invites Sanjana’s family.

Bebe says to Virat that he and Sanjana should do the Parikrama together. Virat invites Amruta’s family and says they should also do the Lohri festival together. Amruta’s family agree.

Amruta sees Bhavani is looking at Jayesh and Ishika. Amruta asks Bhavani to do the Parikrama together with her. Dyaneswari takes Bhavani to Jayesh and asks Ishika not to come in between Jayesh and Bhavani as they are married. Ishika leaves from there.

Virat comes and stands beside Amruta. Sanjana comes to Virat and says to Virat that Bebe said that they should do the Parikrama together so she came to him. Virat asks Sanjana to do the Parikrama alone as her wish will come true. Sanjana agrees and leaves from there.

Babita sees Virat and Amruta doing the Parikrama together and signals Sanjana. Sanjana thinks Babita is hinting her about her make up and she goes to set it right.

Ishika sees Virat talking to Amruta. Ishika pushes Amruta onto Virat. Virat catches Amruta when she is about to fall. Virat and Amruta throw the rice grains into Lohri fire together. Babita asks Amruta if she will never mend her ways. Virat says to Babita this is not Amruta’s fault as he is catching her when she is about to fall. Babita says to Virat that this is what she does stealing other people’s rights. Babita accuses Amruta of stealing Sanjana’s rights. Dyaneswari seeing Babita scolding Amruta comes to Babita and confronts her. Babita comments on Dyaneswari. Dyaneswari scolds Babita and later explains to Babita the meaning behind her words. Dildar asks Babita to calm down. Babita doesn’t calm down. Babita comments on Amruta saying what else can they expect as her parents are like this. Amruta thinks Babita will reveal the truth to Dyaneswari.

Episode ends.

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