Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 30th May 2024 Written Update: Babita gives her testimony against Amruta

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 30th May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Virat vowing to Dildar that he will not leave the person who is responsible for Babita. The doctor comes out and say to Ahuja family that they nearly lost Babita. The doctor says her heart stopped and it started beating again. Virat asks the doctor if they can meet Babita. The doctor says they can meet Babita once they shift Babita to the room. The doctor leaves from there.

The Ahuja family sees Babita has regained consciousness and feels relieved. The police come to Babita’s room and they ask Babita how did her accident happen. Babita says she was pushed. Virat asks Babita to tell him the name of the person who pushed her. The police ask Babita if the person who pushed her is in this room. Babita points to Amruta. The Ahuja family get shocked witnessing it. Babita says Amruta is the one who pushed onto a moving truck. Virat gets shocked witnessing it. Amruta says to Babita that she hasn’t done anything like that. Amruta says she was with Virat so how could she push her. Virat says to Babita that Amruta is right and says she was with him so how could she push Babita.

Dildar sends the cops away for some time. Virat says how could Amruta push her when Amruta was with her. Babita says Amruta met her before him and says Amruta called him to the Mela. Virat asks Amruta if it is true. Amruta says yes. Virat asks Amruta why didn’t he tell her. Amruta says how could she tell him after they learnt about Babita’s accident. Virat says he is not understanding anything and asks Amruta to tell him clearly. Babita says she will tell the truth.

Babita asks Kavi to give a note from her purse to Virat. Kavi gives a note to Virat. Babita tells Virat that she got a note from Amruta. Virat sees the note and says it was written for Kavita. Kavita asks what. Amruta says she saw a ring on Kavita’s hand. Kavita and Babita’s daughter tell Amruta that Babita gifted that pattern rings to them. Abhi asks Amruta why she doubted his mother. Amruta says she did it to catch the culprit who framed her and Virat.

Kavita asks Amruta how she doubted her. She says she can never do it. Bebe says she too has the same ring. She comments on Amruta. Virat asks her to not misunderstand her. Babita fabricates a story and says to Virat that Amruta attacked her for money. She tells Virat that Amruta pushed her in front of the truck and was responsible for her condition. Amruta asks Babita why she is lying. Babita says Amruta is greedy like Priyanka. She asks Virat to open his eyes to see the truth. Virat looks on. Babita lies to Virat that Amruta threatened to ruin his name if she fails to give her money. Amruta asks Babita to stop her lies. She says you’re the conspirator. Babita asks how can she conspire against her son. Bebe supports Babita. Virat’s father asks Amruta to tell what happened. Virat says to his father that he was with Amruta to catch the culprit.

Episode ends.

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