Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st May 2024 Written Update: Virat and Amruta go to search for evidence

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Virat revealing to his family that Amruta and him were trying to catch the culprit together. Virat says they set a trap to bring out the culprit that’s why they put up an act of this fake wedding.

Babita says if they made this plan together why did Amruta come alone to meet her at the Mela. Kavita asks Virat if this was why she was locked in his room.

Bebe asks Virat who locked her in the room. Virat says Amruta locked her in the room thinking if he got angry their plan would have failed. Kavita says it is a good excuse for her to go alone to the Mela.

Kavita comments on Amruta as she wrote a letter to Babita and asked her to come to the Mela and blackmailed her for money and once that didn’t work out Amruta pushed Babita onto a moving truck and tried to kill her. Kavita says it is a good thing that Abhiraj found Babita if not Babita would have died.

Amruta reminds Virat that he always asks her for proof to prove her point. Amruta asks Virat to ask Babita for proof to prove her point. Babita says she knows a cunning lady like Amruta will ask for proof. Babita asks Virat to see with his own eyes how Amruta blackmailed her for money and when she didn’t agree Amruta pushed her. Amruta says to Virat that Babita is lying. Babita says she has proof. Babita asks Kavita to take out the phone that is in her purse. Kavita says there is no phone. Babita hearing it accuses Amruta of destroying the evidence that she has against Amruta.

Ishika comes and accuses Amruta of trying to kill Babita and says she overheard them talking in the corridor. Amruta says they were trying to frame Babita for the leakage of Virat and Amruta’s photos in the internet but the truth she is the one who is responsible for Babita’s condition. Ishika tries to slap Amruta but Bhavani stops her. Bhavani comments on Ishika and sends her away.

Bhavani later says she was there at the Mela. Bhavani says she saw Babita throwing the money on Amruta’s face and asking her to keep quiet. Babita acts as if she has trouble breathing. Virat worried about Babita asks Bhavani to stop accusing Babita like that and asks Bhavani if she can’t see Babita’s condition.

Amruta says to Virat what Bhavani said is right. Amruta says to Virat that Babita is the one who conspired against him. Amruta says she suspected Kavita because she saw the ring on Kavita’s hand. Amruta says that’s why she left the note in Kavita’s room. Amruta asks Babita why did she come to the Mela if she has nothing to hide. Babita says she thought there was a threat to their family that’s why she brought that money. Amruta comments on it.

Babita admits that she is responsible for it and she asks Virat to call the cops and ask the cops to take her away. Virat asks Babita to calm down. Dildar says things are going out of hand and says they need to find evidence to find out the truth.

Virat says to Amruta that now they will both go the Mela and search for evidence. Virat and Amruta leave from there.

It sis shown Abhiraj comes to Babita. Babita asks Abhiraj to push her towards oncoming truck. Babita says Amruta is winning over her and she can’t allow that. Abhiraj says everything will go according to her wishes and by tonight he will make Virat hate Amruta.

It is shown Babita was just acting as if she was injured in the hospital and the doctors were helping Babita in her acting.

Abhiraj says they gave money to the doctor and says now the doctor will do everything according to what she said.

Episode ends.

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