Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th June 2024 Written Update: Virat refuses Amruta’s request

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jayesh asking Bhavani why hasn’t she stopped Amruta from doing this wedding. Jayesh scolds Bhavani. Dildar asks Jayesh to shut up. Dildar asks Virat if he forcefully married Amruta. Virat says yes. Dildar asks Virat how could he do this. Babita asks Abhiraj to take her away from here. Abhiraj agrees and takes her away. Dildar asks Virat if he thinks marriage is a joke. Virat reminds Dildar that Amruta left Babita to die and comments on Amruta. Virat leaves from there.

Jahan asks Amruta to wipe this Sindhur. Jayesh says just because Amruta wipes the Sindhur doesn’t mean the stain on their reputation will be wiped off. Jayesh asks Amruta how did she get married to Virat while she went to make a delivery. Bhavani asks Jayesh with what right is he questioning her. Jayesh reminds Bhavani that he is father of Amruta. Jayesh says he was proud of Amruta in the past but now he is ashamed to call her his daughter. Amruta says to Jayesh that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Amruta says she only tried to do the right thing.

Dildar comes and says to Chiknesh family that he would like to talk to Amruta alone. Dildar says to Amruta that he knows what happened is really wrong with her. Dildar says he will set everything right. Amruta says to Dildar that she will solve this matter as she trusted the wrong person.

Babita asks Kavita if there was no other choice beside doing this. Kavita says no as Virat was so angry she thought he might kill someone in his anger. Nimrit comes to Virat and says to Virat that a lawyer came to their house.

Amruta takes the Marriage annulment papers from the lawyer and says to Virat about these papers. Amruta asks Virat to sign on the papers and annul this marriage. Virat says to Amruta that he will not sign on the papers. The lawyer says it doesn’t matter and the court will not consider this marriage as he married Amruta forcefully. Virat says they can do what they want but he will not sign on these papers and leaves from there. The lawyer asks Amruta not to worry and says he will send court summons to Virat pretty soon. The lawyer leaves from there. Amruta says to Bhavani that they will not stay here from today onwards. Jahan agrees and says they will stay in her home and they leave from there.

Dildar feels sorry for Amruta. Babita reminds Dildar that Amruta is the one who tried to kill her. Dildar says Amruta would never try to hurt others and says he is sure that someone attacked Babita not Amruta. Dildar says they should be ashamed of Virat’s actions and comments on him.

Virat says to himself that he will not allow this marriage to be annulled no matter what.

Harsh asks Bhavani to file a case against Virat and send him to jail as they have proof. Bhavani says she is tired of court and case and says she just wants everything to return to normal. Harsh says with what Virat did with Amruta their lives will never return to normal.

Episode ends.

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