Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th June 2024 Written Update: Amruta does the Gruhpravesh ritual into the Ahuja house

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Virat asking Babita to come and pick up this glass. Babita thinks Virat found out the truth. Virat says to Babita that he knows she will not be able to pick up the glass as she is handicapped. Virat says that’s why he is taking revenge on Amruta.

Amruta says to Dildar that she doesn’t understand what is going on. Dildar gives an example and says to Amruta that she can act like Virat’s wife and do what she wants and teach a lesson to Virat. Dildar says to Amruta that he will help her in all of this. Dildar makes a promise to Amruta about it. Dildar asks Jahan to prepare Amruta like a Punjabi wife and says he will go and prepare to invite her. Dildar leaves from there.

Harsha asks Amruta if she is really going to do what Dildar said. Harsha comments on Amruta. Bhavani gets furious with Harsh words. Amruta stops Bhavani when Bhavani wants to lash out at Harsha. Harsha says to Bhavani that he regrets choosing her. Harsha leaves from there. Bhavani feels hurt with Harsha’s words. Amruta says she is not at fault but all the fault lies in Virat. Jahan says they have no other choice besides doing what Dildar said to them to teach a lesson to Virat.

Virat says to Babita that he is trying to call a physiotherapist for Babita. Kavita says the lift is not working and says he can call the physiotherapist after the lift works. Virat comments on it.

Virat asks the all the family members one by one where is Amruta. Virat also asks Dildar. Dildar comments on Virat. Dildar says to Virat that there is a big project worth Rs 100 crores and he needs to get that deal at any cost and says this deal is about their reputation. Virat agrees. Dildar thinks Virat will do anything to get this deal and this is what he wants.

Babita asks Dildar why didn’t he answer Virat normally. Dildar comments on it.

Babita hears Marathi music and thinks what is going on. Virat tries to turn off the music. Dildar warns Virat not to do it. Babita asks Dildar what is doing. Dildar says to Babita that Virat is asking everyone in the house about his wife so he decided to invite Amruta into the house.

Amruta does the Gruhpravesh ritual and Dildar warmly invites her into the house. Babita gets infuriated seeing Amruta leaving red foot prints and entering the Ahuja house.

Episode ends.

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