Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fans are all set to fall for the upcoming season!

Famous show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is returning back with 4th season. Last TellyExpress reported, The story of Kaisi Ye Yarrian will be continued from where it left in season 3. Fans and actors are excited for the upcoming season. Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor keep sharing droolworthy stills from the sets of KYY4 on their social media. Shirtless Manik makes female fans go weak on their knee since season 1. In the upcoming too, Manik and Nandini is all set to ablaze screen.

The excitement for the show is high.

Team TellyExpress handpicked the loyal viewers of the show to know more about their excitement:

  1. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan returning with 4th season, does it feel nostalgic?

Of course it’s 8 years of the show so the coming of s4 is definitely nostalgic- @Crystle_heart

Am so so excited for it. Like i watch KYY everyday 2-3 episodes. I am a big #MaNan fan😍. so its butterflies in my stomach since i heard about it.- said fan @AryaKush_Sejal

Waiting from a long time for kyy4 and very excited- @ARUNABOBBILI1

I just recently watched the show and absolutely loved all the 3 seasons.. and am so eager to know what’s gonna happen in kyy4 and #MaNan- @happyy_jjh

yYess!! Can’t want to see Manan together!- @yesimannoyingg

I’m so excited for #KYYS4OnVoot- @KhushiSh1998

Yes.. Can’t wait to see Manan together!- @UshaLohar4

yup I feel good it’s returning.. always wanted to see manik and nandini getting their fairytale wedding.- @Tina41894744

Yes , ofcourse- @Rashmirao01

  • Your best ever KYY moment

Talking about the same:

Fan @ARUNABOBBILI1 said: Season 1 every moment is best

Can’t choose one. Their first date, proposal, s3 last scene n many more.- @Crystle_heart

obviously fab5 moments and the track where everyone fights for Mukti’s insult.- @happyy_jjh

Am so so excited for it. Like i watch KYY everyday 2-3 episodes. I am a big #MaNan fan😍. so its butterflies in my stomach since i heard about it.- @AryaKush_Sejal

all Fab 5 moments have my all heart 🥺- @yesimannoyingg

Season 1 was the best. The most precious moment was when Nandini was drunk and when I got to see drunk manik too. Drunk manik is so cute and child like 😍- @KhushiSh1998

Majha song moment[email protected]

The one under the stars where nandini was drunk she said manik that he should leave the stars, she will shine for him instead.- @Tina41894744

All #manan scenes- @Rashmirao01

  • Lastly we asked fans what they expect from season 4

Lots of fans wishing to see MaNan concert and progressive storyline. See here:

Unrealistic but want fab5 back.I mean kabir is dead na ..so😬- @Rashmirao01

lots of Manan moments- @Tina41894744

interesting storyline.. and manan singing together ️ # MaNan #KYY #kaisiyehyaariaan- @UshaLohar4

I want #manan concert together….# kyy- @KhushiSh1998

balancing both love life and friendship- @yesimannoyingg

#MaNan concert together!# kaisiyehyaariaan- @happyy_jjh

Everything.. No limits to it.- @AryaKush_Sejal

Interesting story line for MaNan #MaNan #KYY- @ARUNABOBBILI1

I’m expecting Manan marriage- @Crystle_heart

Share with us if you all are excited for the show.

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