Kalyani discovers a shocking truth in Tujhse Hai Raabta

Zee TV popular show Tujhse Hai Raabta has got no chill. Time and again the story of the show is to keep countering some unexpected twists and turns for the audience. The lead pair of Malhar and Kalyani has always something or other to solve or to discover in the show to save the lives of their family members. Till now Atharva was being one of the consistent hurdles in the life along with Sampada and other members of Deshmukh house.

However, with Atharva converted to a kid right now as per the show story, Malhar and Kalyani are all set to welcome a new enemy in their life. As we all know Anupriya has arranged a puja of Mangla Gauri for Kalyani and Malhar happy married life and Malhar also takes part in the puja for a long and healthy life of Kalyani along with him. Some people come to their house in the name of Rao Saheb for construction work.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, these people who are militants in real is going to create huge havoc in the life of Kalyani and Malhar. As per the sources, these group of militants has planned something big for 15th august and in the meantime, they wanted a safe place to hide their bombs from the police. That’s why they choose Malhar’s house as a safe place. In the previous episode, Atharva gets into a verbal argument with them where they pushed Atharva hard.

In today’s episode, Atharva will take Kalyani to that room and show them. He will complain to her about them and says Kalyani to punish them. In these processes, Kalyani will discover that there are bombs stored at her house storeroom and she will get shocked to realize this. It will be interesting to see how she and Malhar will deal with it now?