Kalyani in trouble in Tujhse Hai Raabta

Zee TV’s popular show Tujhse Hai Raabta is on high voltage drama in the show now a days. The show keeps on introducing one after another twist and turns to make life of Kalyani and Malhar complicated always. Seems like there is no end to the problems and hurdles of their life.

Sampada and Atharva are always being successful in playing their Trump cards against the protagonist duo but never gets punished or made responsible for the circumstances. Currently, the story of the show is revolving around the parenting of Moksh. Whereas, Kalyani is trying her best to bring back Moksh from Sampada but seems like destiny is not in favor of her, hence every plan of her failing currently.

In the last episode of the daily, the regular audience had seen Anupriya and Malhar are together trying to help each other to achieve their goal. They have joined hands in a mission to bring back Moksh and also bring Mugdha in forecast so Malhar can expose the reality of Atharva and Sampada.

Kalyani on the other hand tries to enquire about Sampada’s father but couldn’t gather any proper evidence against Sampada. In tonight’s episode of the show, viewers will get to see Anupriya will reach the hospital in a disguise and try to pretend as if came for adopting a kid. Later on she collided with Kalyani and Kalyani will recognise her.

Kalyani gets ecstatic to get Anupriya and decides to discuss the plan for further process. Later, all their efforts go in vain and their plan got jeopardized when Sampada father will catch Anupriya with Kalyani at the hospital and got to understand the whole fiasco. Well in such a situation what will Kalyani do? Will Malhar be successful in getting back the custody of Moksh? What will happen next in their upcoming day.

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