Kalyani to get suspicious in Tujhse Hai Raabta

Seems like things are going to change for Kalyani and Malhar in Zee TV show Tujhse Hai Raabta. The the story of the show is currently revolving around marriage preparations of Kalyani and Atharva. As we all know other kidnapped Anupriya in front of Kalyani and made her say yes for the marriage forcefully.

On the other hand Kalyani and Malhar are trying their best to know about the real identity of others wife and also they are trying to find out Anupriya as well. Though all their efforts are going in vain but seems like things are going to change a bit for better now.


As seen in the last episodes of the show Atharva and Malhar decided to compete against each other in a wrestling competition to take part in the final stage. Where has Malhar himself gives his nomination, Atul gave Atharva name to compete against Malhar in the wrestling competition. The idea behind Malhar to take part in the competition is to get the phone of Atharva so that they can locate the place where Anupriya is kept.

In the last week episode of the show we have seen other one maha both are are ready to fight against each other while on the other hand Kalyani noticed that tied the phone around his neck so that no one can get hold of it. On the other hand Atharva men are  moving Anupriya to an another location so that Malhar couldn’t traced down Anupriya.


In tonight episode of the show the audience will get to see that Kalyani will notice the tank in the Deshmukh house is not full with water. On the same moment she will notice examples will come out of the tank. She gets suspicious and decides to investigate about it. On the other hand, Malhar will give a touch competition in the wrestling match.

Will Kalyani be able to find out whereabouts of Anupriya or will she fail again this time?