Kanak to use Sagar?: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 is seeing a important track where Gehna brings Sagar home as he lost his memory. It will be interesting to watch how will Gehna convince the family members that Sagar is not a danger. The makers have brought a plot twist with Radhika becoming Anant’s boss amd Radhika will use this to seperate Anant and Gehna. With so many challenges for Gehna, she has already seen deciding that she won’t back off when her marriage is in danger.


In the current track, Gehna decides to take Radhika shopping and then drops Radhika in her own house. Gehna advises Radhika to stay in her own house and focus on her husband. Radhika understands Gehna’s move and Radhika tells Anant everything hy exaggerating it all. Anant scolds Gehna and later Gehna gives Anant a gift for helping her study. Anant apologies to Gehna and they play with Sagar. Hema comes to Sagar but he pushes her. Gehna scolds Hema but Hema stops her. Later, Kanak uses this as an opportunity to bring back Hema to her side. She manipulates Hema sayinv Gehna is taking Sagar away from you, just then Sagat comes to Gehna and caresses her wounds. Hema says to Kanak she is wrong. Kanak plans a way so that the promise she heard Anant making to Gehna to take her to the play fails. Radhika makes Anant very busy and hides few of his data due to which his work is not complete. Here, Gehna dresses up imagining how her and Anant’s first trip be like?

In the upcoming episshows, Anant will get to know Sagat was behind spoiling his ppt. Anant will scold him and Gehna.

Will Gehna be able to prove Sagar’s innocence? Will Gehna know the real reason for Anant’s changed attitude? Will Radhika’s real motive be fullfilled in Desai mansion? Keep following this space for more updates on your latest shows.