Kannana Kanne: Dhanalakshmi lashes out at Gautam

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SunTV’s popular daily soap Kannana Kanne is keeping it’s audience hooked to the show with it’s unique story. The show is all set for some new twists and turns in the show with some strange happening in the storeroom.

In the previous episode it will be seen that Yamuna searched in the storeroom and found Santosh and Preethi hiding there. She got shocked and misunderstood Preethi. Yamuna slapped Preethi and scolded her and Santosh. Later Meera made Yamuna understand what happened and Preethi and Santosh were innocent. Yamuna felt guilty for slapping Preethi. Gautam spotted Santosh and called him downstairs. Santosh brilliantly handled the situation. Santosh said that his mother asked about when to fix the marriage. He got excited and came to talk to Gautam. As Gautam was sleeping, he was talking with Yuva. Gautam believed Santosh.

In today episode it’s seen that Dhanalakshmi argued with Gautam asking how he can make a married Yuva to sleep in his room in the right. He already did very wrong with Meera by hating her and now he’s doing more wrong by seperating Yuva and Meera. Dhanalakshmi explains Gautam about the purity and the significant of the three knots put on the nuptial thread during marriage. She asks Gautam to ask Yuva to remove the nuptial thread from Meera’s neck before taking Yuva with him to the room.

What Gautam will do? Will he ask Yuva to remove the Thali?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Keep watching the show and keep checking this space for latest updates of your favorite Tamil shows.