Kannana Kanne: Gautam to catch red-handed Yuva and Meera?

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SunTV’s famous daily soap Kannana Kanne’s audiences are going to witness some interesting drama in the show in the upcoming episode.

In the previous episode it was seen that Gautam asked Preethi to choose between him or Meera. Preethi chose Meera without any hesitation which angered Gautam. Meera interupted and said Preethi should have chosen Gautam instead her. Just Grandma came there and scolded Gautam for having such a deep thinking. Grandma said that if she had asked her to choose, she would have also chosen Meera and she would left this house taking her grandchildren, Yamuna and Meera.

Later Grandma gave the gulab jamun made by Meera without telling this. Gautam ate the gulab jamun and enjoyed it. She ate all gulab jamun. Meera and grandma saw this hiding got happy. Yuva lied to Gautam that he has an event meeting with a friend and went out taking Meera.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Meera and Yuva will be sitting in the park bench and will be having a fun talk. Gautam will be seen sitting on the other side bench. Gautam will turn his head and will spot Meera. Yuva and Meera will notice and will start running from there in order to escape from Gautam. The latter will chase. At the Yuva and Meera will wear teddy dresses and mask and will meet Gautam. The latter will tell them to remove their mask. They will obey and Gautam will get shocked on seeing Yuva and the other person.

Will Yuva and Meera’s truth come out in front of Gautam? Will Meera and Yuva be able to fool Gautam again?

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