Kannana Kanne: Gautam’s act to break Meera’s heart

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SunTV’s popular show Kannana Kanna is gearing up for more drama in the show.

In the previous episode it was seen that Yamuna spotted Yuva who was hiding in the kitchen. She didn’t recognize him as he was covering himself with a blanket. Yamuna asked who he was. Yuva said that he’s a thief and he got to know she cooks tasty food and came to eat. Yamuna demanded to show his face. Yuva applied flour on his face and turns. Yamuna shouted getting scared. Family members came down hearing her shout. They all misunderstood Yuva for a thief and beathim up. Meera tried to stop them in Vain. Gautam came out and splashed water over his face to see who he is. Gautam and the family got shocked on seeing Yuva. Gautam accused his family members of intentionally beating Yuva up for Yuva supporting Gautam, not them. Yuva put his marriage photo frame in the hall. Preethi went to meet Santosh. Family got worried wondering how Gautam will react on seeing this.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Gautam will notice that Meera and Yuva’s marriage photo hanging on the wall. Gautam will shout. The family members will gather. Gautam will ask who has hanged that marriage photo on the wall. He will shout that Meera doesn’t have any rights in this house. Gautam will break that photo making everyone shock. Meera will get teary eyes.

What will Yuva do now? Will Gautam learn that Yuva hanged that photo on the wall?

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