Kannana Kanne: Santosh and Preethi learn Kodeeshwaran’s plan

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SunTV’s popular show Kannana Kanne is gearing up for more drama with Kodeeshwaran plotting against Meera and Yuva.

In the previous episode it was shown that Dhanalakshmi asked Gautam to allow to perform Meera’s post marriage ritual, changing the nuptial thread. Gautam asked Meera to break her marriage with Gautam enraging Dhanalakshmi. The latter raised her to slap Gautam, but Yamuna held Dhanalakshmi’s hand shocking everyone. Yamuna said that she was fool to support her daughters by ignoring her husband. She had made a decision after seeing her husband getting humiliated. Meera and Dhanalakshmi got shocked hearing Yamuna.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Kodeeshwaran, Renuka and Pushpa will rech Gautam’s house on the pretext to take Meera and Yuva with them. Kodeeshwaran and Renuka will wait to find Gautam alone and show Meera and Yuva’s photo. Yamuna will ask them to stay for one night there as they planned to perform Meera’s post marriage ritual the next day. Kodeeshwaran will agree. Yuva will share with Meera that he doubts Kodeeshwaran’s intention as he has called Gautam and asked either to send them out of the house or to transfer his property on Kodeeshwaran. Other hand Kodeeshwaran and Renuka will discuss about their plan. Santosh and Preethi will heart it and will decide to not let them meet Gautam and spoil their plan

What will happen? Will Kodeeshwaran and Renuka will succeed in their intention? Will Santosh and Preethi be able to stop them?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Keep watching the show and keep checking this space for latest updates of your favorite Tamil shows.