Kannana Kanne: Santosh gets attacked by the goons

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SunTV’s popular show Kannana Kanne gearing up for more drama in the upcoming episode.

In the previous episode it was seen that Renuka came to Gautam’s house to show Meera and Yuva’s photo to Gautam and seperate Meera and Yuva. Puspa called Meera and informed her about Renuka’s plan. Pushpa requested Meera to stop Gautam from seeing it. Meera agreed.

Meera revealed to Yamuna Renuka’s real intention. Yamuna intentionally poured the coffee over Renuka. Renuka went to the washroom to clean her saree. While cleaning her dress, Renuka dropped her phone in the bucket water accidently. She picked it from the water and turned to leave, but she fell down and dropped her phone again. Meera and Yamuna went to help Renuka hearing her scream. Yamuna took her her out. Meanwhile Meera got Renuka’s phone and broke it.

In the today episode it’s seen that Yuva and Meera talked about Renuka trying to expose their love story in front of Gautam. Yuva decides to reveal the truth to Gautam by himself. That time Gautam comes there and Meera hides. Yuva lies to Gautam that he’s talking to his mother and sends him away.

Preethi meets Santosh and tells that Meera’s plan to reconcile Gautam and Yuva failed. They decide to go for a walk in the nearby forest. They hear someone shouting for help and run to see from where the voice is coming. They see a boy tied up to the tree. They go to help him. The boy says that goons attacked him and her girlfriend. They tied him up and abducted her. Santosh runs to save the girl asking Oreethi to stay there.

Preethi informs Meera about the same. Meera messages Yuva about the same. They both rush to find Preethi and Santosh. Meanwhile Santosh fights with the goon to save the girl. The goons overpowers Santosh and beats him brutally.

What will happen next? Will Yuva and Meera reach on time and can save Santosh and Preethi?

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