Kannana Kanne: Yuva and Meera’s honeymoon

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Sun TV’s popular show Kannana Kanne is gearing up more drama. The show is going to have one hour special episode this Sunday. It will be shown that Yuva and Meera go for their honeymoon.

In the previous episode it was seen that Gautam’s mother, Dhanalakshmi called out Gautam. She fought with Gautam taking Yamuna’s side. Dhanalakshmi asked Gautam how he dared to slap Yamuna. Gautam tried to explain, but Dhanalakshmi was furious, so she wasn’t ready to listen to his any justifications. Dhanalakshmi acted as she was having chest pain. She fell down holding her chest. The family rushed to hold her. Gautam crossed the line to go to his mom, but his mother stopped him. Gautam insisted to come with her to the hospital. But Dhanalakshmi demanded to remove the line drawn by Gautam else she won’t come to the hospital.

In the upcoming episode one hour special it will be shown that Yuva and Meera will go to their first honeymoon after their marriage. The couple will have some romantic moment together. There they will come across a couple who has been chased by few goons. The goons will beat the boy up. Yuva will stop the goons. He will fight the goons.

What new twist will bring this new encounter in Yuva and Meera’s life? who are that couple? Why they are chased by goons?

All these questions will be answered in the special one hour episode of Kannana Kanne. Keep watching the show and stay tuned with us for the latest update of your favorite Tamil shows.