Kannana Kanne: Yuva and Meera’s romantic moment

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Sun TV’s popular show Kannana Kanne hasn’t failed to entertainment its viewers since the day it aired on the small television screen. The show is all set for more drama in the upcoming episode with Gautam’s increasing misunderstanding towards Meera.

In the previous episode it was seen that Gautam had called Santosh to home. Meera suspected that Gautam had an hidden motive behind inviting Santosh home. Family got confused when Gautam arranged for hundred crore rupees. Santosh came home and Gautam told the family about the hundred crores deal that he offered to Santosh to go away from Preethi. Family got taken aback hearing this. Family got more shock when Santosh choosed money over Preethi. Yamuna regretted trusting him. However Santosg surprised everyone by adding one rupee to the hundred crores and returning to Gautam. Santosh said that Preethi matters him more than money. Santosh got on his knee and pleaded Gautam to accept his love for Preethi. Gautam got impressed with Santosh and approved his love. Everyone got happy hearing this.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Meera will be talking to herself saying that she wishes Yuva put the flowers on her hair. Yuva, who will come there, will hear this and will smile. Yuva will fulfill Meera’s wish and they will have a romantic moment. That time Gautam will call Yuva. The latter will reject his call. Gautam will misunderstand that Meera rejected his call. She is keeping Yuva away from him intentionally and he will not let this happen.

Will Gautam realize his mistake? Will Yuva clear Gautam’s misunderstanding?

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