Kannane Kanne: Kodeeshwaren vows to find the truth

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SunTV’s popular Kannane Kanne is entertaining its audience with its gripping storyline. The show topped the TRP chart of last week with Yuva and Meera’s wedding track. The show is gearing up for more in the upcoming episode with Kodeeshwaren getting suspicious of Yuva’s act.

In the previous episodes, it was seen that Yuva and Meera decided to not consummate their marriage until Gautam accept their marriage. However, they decided to keep their decision secret. In the morning Meera family misunderstood that Meera and Yuva consummated their marriage on seeing the broken bed. Gautam got furious on seeing Saantosh and lashed out at him. Later Meera revealed to Preethi that she had called Santosh home to talk about their wedding, but the plan flopped. Meera apologizes to them. Preethi decided to tell the truth to Meera, but Yamuna stopped her. Later Yamuna informed Pushpa that Yuva and Meera Started their marriage life. Kodeeshwaren got a furious hearing this. Kodeeshwaren came to Gautam and created a scene about this.

In the latest promo, it shows that Yuva throws his dad out of the house. Meera falls on Yuva’s father’s leg. Yuva stops Meera. Yuva angrily holds his dad’s shirt collar. Later Meera and Yuva share a moment. Yuva wipes Meera’s tears and hugs her to comfort her. Kodeeshwaren says that something fishy has happened at the wedding. He says that he will find out whether Yuva loved Preethi or Meera. Meera says that if Gautam learns the truth that will create a problem. Yuva says that he’s ready to face everything to live with Meera.

Will Kodeeshwaren find the truth? How Meera and Yuva will prevent this truth from coming out?

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