Kapil reveals a shocking truth to Sandhya: Kawach

Shocking revelation ahead in Colors TV Kawach, Kapil says to Sandhya that they already married to each other.

Drama is high in Kawach. Sandhya is not able to figure out the truth why Shivji showed her Kapil’s face when she is all set to marry Angad. Angad tells her that they are destined to be together.

Kapil says to Sandhya that he knows that she called Angad to marry secretly but her destiny is with him not with Angad. Sandhya runs back to house but falls in pit. Kapil says to her that she can run away from him but destiny will bring her closer to her. Sandhya hugs Kapil out of fear.

Kapil is actually a bad evil who wants to unite with Sandhya. He tries to go close to Sandhya. Sandhya says it’s late and they should go back home but Kapil tries to kiss her.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kapil will try to convince Sandhya that fate has brought them together and they get married outside Bhootnath temple. Meanwhile Angad and Sandhya’s family will go in search of her.

Otherside, Kapil will take Sandhya to the bed. Sandhya will say clouds are doing conspiracy. He will say that till they don’t unite tonight the clouds will not stop today. He will get closer to Sandhya with evil intensions.

Sandhya will come back home. Angad will introduce her to the real Kapil. She will get shocked. Witch will possess Sandhya and later her hands and legs will bend. Everyone will be shocked seeing her.

What next happens in Kawach will be interesting to watch.

As per the promo Kapil’s evil soul will own Angad’s body and will try to get close to Sandhya. How Sandhya will save Angad and her family will be interesting to watch.

Keep watching this space for more updates and spoilers.