karishma kotak is all set to set the screens ablaze with her releases all starting next month with Mister Mummy. She spills the beans on her other projects too.

1. Hello Karishma so whats been keeping you busy?

a lot of good things actually i have signed a couple of good projects one of which is the one am currently shooting for with Bobby Deol and Ananya Birla directed by Kunal Kohli.

2. We heard you are shooting for something with Bobby Deol please throws some light on it?

I used to Huge bobby fan and today i respect him that much more he is a great co-star always supportive and one does get to learn a lot from him.

So if i was offered this film even with a small character role i would’ve done it but as luck would have it am paired opposite him.

3. Sports presenter and acting two different genres how easy or difficult is it?

They are two different things completely a film has a script and you oerform to it a sports oresenter is being eho you are at rimes need ro use your own discretion towards the situation as well. But both of it require great confidence.

4. Is living in London and trying to secure work in the industry difficult or easy?

For me it has not been as difficult i am based between London and Mumbai and luckily a lot of shoots and events happen in UK as much also a lot of productions are shooting here today. Also today it is that much more easier to travel when and where work beckons.

5. What is the real Karishma like?

I am an early riser, A gymoholic by 10am  would’ve done my 10k steps. I love to read and have a close circle of friends i love to hand out with they mean a lot to me. I love long walks.

6. The recent heat wave in London caused havoc did you face any issues personally?

It was bad but made us all mindful of the fact that global warming exists and we need to do our bit to reduce it and make the planet a healthier place.

7. What next for Karishma?

Ira with Rohit Roy and Mister Mummy with Ritesh and genelia. Have more which i shall mention soon. For now please get ready to see a lot of me.