Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 10th April 2020 Written Update: Karan rejects Palash offer

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Episode starts Tipsy gets shocked knowing Palash is legal advisor of their center and she asks him to stop stalking her. Palash asks Tipsy to have coffee with him. Tipsy says its over between us. Palash says than why you’re running away from me because you still feel for me like I do and we are meant to be eachother. He gets interrupted by his dad call. Tipsy goes And she gets surprised seeing Karan and asks him what’s he doing here. Karan says even I can surprise you. Team members asks Karan to inaugurate their new venture. Karan says I will lit the candle with one who changed my life. Palash gets shocked seeing Tipsy lighting the candle with Karan and both comes downstairs with holding eachother.

Karan sees Palash and asks him what’s he doing here. Palash says you’re the one who kept card in my purse. Karan gets call. Palash stops Tipsy and confesses his love Infront of Karan. Karan asks do you know this person. Tipsy says she don’t know and asks him to take her with him. On the way Karan asks her to relax because he can wait until she decides to tell him and drops at her.

Karan goes to Vishal place and vents our his frustration. Karan gets Palash call and he goes to meet him at club. Palash says I don’t know why Tipsy us seeing you but I’m waiting for Tipsy. Karan says Tipsy said she don’t know you. Palash says Radhika will get her cafe and I can solve the case if you forget Tipsy. Karan throws drink on Palash face and tries to leave. Palash says it’s my second chance with Tipsy and I will do anything. Karan says I know that’s why you came to me. Palash says Im loving her from 10years, no-one can come between us.

Rohan gifts Karan and Radhika pic to Trisha. Everyone discusses about their upcoming projects. At hospital Addy asks Tipsy how Palash became legal advisor of her center. Tipsy asks him to stop talking about Palash. Karan comes to Tipsy room. Addy goes from room asking Tipsy to take care of herself from Palash.

On the way Karan tries to get Tipsy to open up about Palash but Tipsy says I can’t discuss with you at this moment. Karan drops her at home. Tipsy informs Karan got to know about Palash through Addy. Sherry suggests to Tipsy to inform her past to Karan.

Trisha informs Karan that Radhika is at Rabellas and not answering her calls. They both goes to Rabellas. Radhika is at Rabellas.

Anay informs Palash that Radhika is at cafe breaking the court orders according to CCTV and asks him to file more cases.

Karan asks Radhika to come with him because it’s dangerous for them to stay here breaking seal of court. Radhika says I can’t give up. Karan says it’s not giving up and takes her with him. Tipsy notices video messages of Karan and Radhika moment from Palash.

Next morning Sherry asks Tipsy whether she talk with Karan. Tipsy says no he is busy so I’m collecting every point. Sherry asks her to stay away from miscommunication.

Karan gives coffee to Radhika and she ask him about his flight timing. Karan ignores call and informs her that he cancel the plan. Tipsy calls Karan and asks Sherry to go with Amma and cherry, Tipsy asks Vishal about Karan. Vishal informs them that Karan cancelled the plan. Romila cries knowing it.