Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 11th April 2020 Written Update: Tipsy accepts Palash proposal in front of Karan

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 11th April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Episode starts with Romila forces Tipsy to call Karan but he avoids calls. Radhika asks Karan to join Vishal and solve his problem because he needs him. Karan looks on. At wedding team gives one room to Romila and Tipsy. Tipsy tries to change her room but gets shocked seeing snake and Romila sends their screaming video to Karan. He calls Tipsy and asks about snake and her behavior. She informs him that she is calling him to inform everything about past. Karan says I’m coming to you and I want to asks you whether you will marry me or not,I will ask you only one time and wahfs fir your answer that’s it.

Tipsy goes to Sherry room. Sherry says Karan is coming right otherwise this wedding plan will ruin me. Tipsy says Karan is coming here to know my answer for his wedding proposal. Sherry gets excited and asks Tipsy to don’t firget to break her marriage with Madhavan.

Vishal feels jealous seeing Sherry dance with Madhavan. Server informer Tipsy that some guest is waiting for her at Upstairs. Tipsy excited goes thinking Karan but gets shocked seeing Palash. Trisha asks Vishal to do something to get his sherry. Palash proposes her with ring arranging the beautiful setup. Tipsy asks him to end the drama and warns him to leave but he asks her to think about their love. Tipsy says I remember every bad thing happened to me because of you, 4years back Tipsy informs Palash that her father is hospitalized and plans to go but Palash asks her to wait at hotel one more day so he can talk with her father about their marriage and they both can go to her place after marriage. Palash dad asks him to leave his luxurious life before marrying Tipsy. Tipsy waits at hotel and he avoids Tipsy calls than Sherry informs her that Appa is no more. Tipsy gets broken.

Tipsy says I gave you priority over my family and dad ,you left me and I can never forgive you. Palash says you still love me, I made a mistake but I’m changed man and we are meant to be eachother and asks her to reply. Karan says she doesn’t love you Palash. Tipsy asks Karan to stay away from her matter with Palash. Tipsy says you’re right Palash, I can’t live without you and I didn’t replied to Karan proposal because I don’t kove him and I love you. Karan leaves with broken heart.

Radhika comes toward Karan and tries to change his mood. Sherry questions Tipsy about her decision and wanrns her to tgubk twice and leaves in frustration. She tries pillow by mistake area caught in fire. Vishal saves her in time. Chetty tries to take Sherry inside but she denies. Karan angrily reveals about Sherry and Vishal loves eachother. Everyone agrees for marriage. Palash hugs Tipsy happily.

Vishal asks what happened. Karan says Tipsy loves Palash not me. Vishal gets frustrated. Karan says I can’t force her to accept me and I can’t see her with Palash staying here. When he about to leave Tipsy comes towards Karan and apologize to him. Karan says it’s not your mistake, I’m happy for you. Tipsy says than why you’re leaving. Karan says I can’t see you with someone. Palash comes to them and holds Tipsy hand and warns Karan to stay away. Karan asks Palash to don’t hurt Tipsy and advices him to use his second chance.

Police came to arrest Palash for keeping and distributing cocaine, Palash tries to deny asking proofs. Tipsy reveals she is the one who caled police submitting the proofs and I won’t love you. Palash asks why you did it. Tipsy says because you threatened Mr kanna. Karan feels happy. Tipsy says Mr kanna is not like you and I love him.  Police takes Palash with them. Tipsy walks with Karan holding his hand and than he notices the Plastic ring in her neck and questions her why she hides everything from him. Tipsy hugs him.