Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 14th April 2020 Written Update: Trisha feels frustrated with Karan and Tripura marriage

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Episode starts with Karan says trusting wrong guy is just her mistake, so he ask her to moveon and asks her reply for his love proposal. Tipsy says I hugged you right. Karan says I want to listen it from you that you love me. Tipsy says I do, love you. Both shares beautiful hug.

Radhika sees her pic with Karan with smiling face. Trisha notice it and asks Radhika if she can give second chance to Karan according to Prabuddha advice. Radhika smiles. Trisha advices her to talk with Karan but Radhika says she will talk in the morning. Trisha dreams happily.

Vishal and Sherry feels happy after Knowing Karan and Tipsy are together, they asks Karan to talk with Chetty and Amma. Karan asks Tipsy to join him. Tipsy says no no.

Next day Karan takes beer from Trisha and scolds her for drinking at early morning. Trisha says thanks for taking care of us dad. Karan happily hugs her. Trisha informs him that Radhika is waiting for him and wants to give him second chance. Karan gets shocked knowing Radhika loves him. Trisha goes inside with Radhika. Tipsy asks Karan did you talk with my elders. Karan says he will.  Trisha informs on Mike to everyone that her mom and papa are loving eachother silently. Tipsy looks shocked. Karan tries to make Tipsy understand but she leaves.

Radhika asks Karan about his feelings. Karan looks confused. Radhika says I know Tipsy and You love eachother, I want you as my friend in my life and Prabuddha is my last love and she asks him to stop Tipsy and marry her. Karan hugs her and takes Tipsy with him ho her Amma and Chetty and informs them that he loves Tipsy and want to marry her. Chetty and Amma laughs and they reveals that they already know it, agrees for marriage. Karan marries Tipsy In the same mandap with everyone blessings. Tipsy notices upset Trisha and goes to talk with her. Tipsy says I know what you feel, it’s just happened in this way, so sorry and I can assure you that Mr kanna will be always your dad. Trisha says Karan screwed up again with my mom, let’s see how many days your relationship will sustain and leaves.

Trisha asks her mom why she didn’t stops Kanna. Radhika says he loves Tipsy. Trisha says he makes everyone feel that he loves them, I will wait and watch what happens to his 5months love after 5years.

5years later Tipsy and her daughter Piya watch TV and reporter shows the best actor award goes to Karan Khanna. Piya hugs Bed saying dad. Karan gets award and dedicates that award to Zoya. In car Karan looks at plastic ring and confesses he hates Tipsy while drinking alcohol. Karan goes to award functions as huge star and he thinks how he becomes heartless person and womanizer because of Tipsy and his succes in industry. He spends nights with Zoya when his mood is off. Zoya asks him what happened to him 5years back and why he became a person who uses girls without love. Karan reminsces how he expected his movie to be hit after their marriage but it’s turned to be disaster, Tipsy tries to support him.

Zoya suggests Karan to search Tipsy so maybe his arrogance and ego issues will be solved. Karan says you’re my friend and Business partner that’s why you’re here, if I ever see Tipsy than I will destroy her life.

Tipsy looks at Karan poster. Ved asks what happened. Tipsy says it’s been 5years, we shouldn’t have come to Mumbai again. Ved says they got better career opportunities than why she is scared. Tipsy says I don’t want my life to get complicated. Ved assures her he is with him. Piya gets excited seeing Karan poster and enquires about Karan place. Watchman says Karan place at Juhu. Tipsy says I never want Piya to meet Karan. Ved says they never meet. Next day Karan sees Tripura with Ved and their daughter.