Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 15th April 2020 Written Update: Karan met his daughter Piya, Ved makes Karan arrested on Molestation chargers

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 15th April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Episode starts with Zoya surprised seeing the raw acting of Karan in shooting later she asks him you cancelled the shoot previously, than why you decided to comeback, what happened. Karan says I saw Tipsy with her family, I felt raw anger so I thought to use it for my work and thanks to Tipsy, he drinks alcohol and reminsces how his second movie after his marriage got failed but he get support from his wife Tipsy and she makes him feel good.

Karan reaches to his house with Zoya, she suggest him to change the decoration of house. Karan says it’s my house and it will be based on my state. Zoya asks him whether he ever thinks seriously about their relationship. Karan says its good to be alone.

  Karan sees the one room open, he thinks who opened this room and goes inside and reminsces his moments with Tipsy, how he attended success party of Aryan because of Tipsy request and he felt ignored in the party. Later they comeback to home. Next Karan gets big movie offer and he informs this news to Tipsy on phone and she gets excited but on the way he met with accident. Flashback ends. Karan asks Shiv to lock the room completely.

Tipsy comes to Ved place and uses his washing machine stating her machine is damaged. Bed teases her. Worker look at them in suspicious. Tipsy question him why are you not wearing shirt, isn’t it gossips about us in Bangalore is not enough, I don’t want it to happen again. Ved says our friendship is pure and I got family vibe because of you and Piya so don’t think about others opinions. Ved asks them to get ready for shopping.

The family comes across with Karan in the mall. Piya runs towards Karan event and questions him how did you get the top position. Karan about to explain her how he worked hard She stops him and asks him to take her to stage. Karan picks her and takes pic of them. Tipsy feels emotional and reminsces how he ran to hospital after knowing Karan accident. Karan says sorry for not making you happy. Tipsy says I’m happy, you will be fine very soon. Doctor says he will be fine.

Tipsy thinks Karan is holding his daughter and he didn’t know it but he will snatch Piya from me once he knows that Piya is his daughter, I never want Piya to know about Karan. Tipsy says Mr Kanna will snatch Piya from us. Ved says I will bring Piya. He takes her from Karan. Karan says I hate Kids to Zoya.

Tipsy reminsces how Karan wants to have kids from Tipsy, Doctor Sara your recovery is good but you’re partially paralysed. Tipsy says I don’t want any kid because I have you. Both shares beautiful hug. 2months later, Tipsy asks Karan to inform his fans what’s he doing through his PR. Karan says he is not interested and people thinks that his career is over.

Tipsy says doctor said you still have 40% to get back to old form. Karan says 60% I can’t. Tipsy encourage him with her words. Flashback ends. Zoya informs Karan about some award. Karan denies to accept it. Zoya says you’re increasing your enemies. Karan says only I get scared because of people who backstab me and reminsces film star must maintain his life style even if he is on wheel chair.

Tipsy joined in new job at Rehab spa at resort, first I thought it’s for me but back then I don’t know about Udhyan, boss and wellwisher of Tipsy. Servant sees Karan taking drink and he informs this to Tipsy, she comes back to home questions him why you’re drinking. She asks Shiv that how many drinks. Karan sends him away and anounces that drink is keeping him alive. Tipsy says I will go and do what you need. Karan apologies to her.

Tipsy thinks even after 5years I still feel Karan can ruin mem Tipsy beings dinner to Ved. He asks why you scared about Karan. Tipsy says she don’t want to complicate her life and teases her dishes. Tipsy teases him seeing the message on his phone. Ved says you might not like if you know what I’m going to do. Tipsy says all the best to him.

Some actress gives statement and proofs against Karan to police and Ved. Karan gathers info about Tipsy family. Ved and Police goes to Karan place with arrest warrant on Molestation chargers. Karan notices Ved is the one with Tipsy in photo and slaps him to know it real. Ved takes pic of his cheek and asks inspector to add Karan assaulted the Public prosecutor with the pic.