Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 16th April 2020 Written Update: Karan blackmails Tripura to clear his image

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 16th April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

The episode starts with Piya switches on the TV, Tipsy notices that Karan is arrested on Molestation charges because of Sanam on tv. Tipsy asks Piya to switch off the TV and get ready for school. At police station Zoya comes to Karan, he says I never touched anyone without their permission, it’s turn off for me, why will I even see at San when I have you.

Zoya asks him to think before he speaks and reveals that someone has Sanam Mehtas back to pull him down. Karan asks what about Friday charges. Zoya says you can’t get bail until Monday. Karan gets angry and tries to beat Ved but his guards and Zoya stop him. Ved asks them to leave so he can file another complaint. Zoya takes him with her.

The media surrounds them with questions. Karan reaches home and tries to drink alcohol. Zoya stops him and asks him to think about his reputation and suggests that he needs some woman support. Karan says you’re with me. Zoya says I can’t do this, you need your wife to stand by you so we can show to the world you have a happy family. Karan smiles saying it’s a joke. Zoya says you will lose everything you made in these 5years. Karan says I don’t care because I already lost my legs and bounce back and he asks her to arrange press meet and leaves.

Tipsy notices Ved cheek and asks him what happened. Ved says nothing. Tipsy asks do you believe Sanam’s accusations. Ved says why not. Tipsy says Karan can never molest anyone.

Past Tipsy wants to resign her job to spend more rime with Karan to make his condition better. Udayan tells how his friend always wants to produce Karan’s movie and takes her to meet him. On the way, Karan calls her and reminds her about their anniversary and asks her to come soon. While walking Tipsy Trips and Udayan help her, their pic is published in some gossip site, Karan gets mad after seeing it. Later Tipsy reaches home Karan accuses her of lying with him Tipsy reconciles with him saying she just wants to surprise him.

Zoya searches Tipsy through Ved. Tipsy arranges the birthday party of Piya. Zoya reaches to the birthday party and asks Tipsy to join the Karan press conference. Tipsy denies. Zoya notices it’s 4th birthday of Tipsy daughter. Piya celebrates her birthday. Tipsy says I feel Zoya may figure out that Piya is Karan’s daughter. Piya listens to their convo and excitedly announces that Karan is my dad and it’s the best birthday gift. Tipsy tries to change her view. Piya says I will make you both together like a film.

Ved says Tipsy don’t worry, Karan will never get Piya custody. Tipsy says is it necessary to take this case. Ved says why Tipsy says I don’t want you to make enmity with him.

In court, Ved gets a media gag order. The judge orders them that they can’t talk in the Media conference. Karan gets mad at Ved. Zoya stops him and asks Ved why he is making personal. Ved says you made it personal approaching Tipsy. Karan gets mad after knowing it. Zoya says Tipsy has a daughter and we can use lost daughter story to cover the current damage. Karan says she does not matter.

Ved gets a call and he asks them to call Sanam to his office. Ved sees the leaked video on YouTube where Karan is handling Sanam roughly and Ved asks Sanam to say the truth. Sanam says I didn’t leak anything. Ved informs this to his team. Zoya shows the video, Karan says I’m thrown Sanam out from my birthday because she is not invited. Zoya says no-one thinks about behind story, everyone sees you as the culprit. Zoya suggests him to use Tipsy and her daughter.

Karan meets Tipsy and questions her why she came after 5years to ruin him with Sanam. Tipsy says Sanam is the one who came to Ved, we have no interest in you. Karan says you have to clear my image otherwise I will file custody case for your daughter Piya. Tipsy says she is not your daughter. Karan says we know it but media and the public don’t know about it.