Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 17th April 2020 Written Update: Tripura clears Karan image in press conference

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 17th April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Episode starts with Tipsy asks Ved to back out from case. Ved says Sanam came to me and it’s my work. Police informs Ved that Karan is going to talk about his allegations in press meet. Ved says you’re going to arrest super star after his meeting for breaking orders so get ready in good way. Ved sees press conference from car. Zoya talks with media regarding the case. Reporters accuses Zoya that she is trying to save him because of her business relationship. Ved gets shocked with Tipsy entry. At that time Tipsy arrives to meeting and clears that Karan can do anything but can’t do sexual arrangement, maybe Zoya have professional agenda to clear his image but I don’t have any agenda. Than Tipsy reminsces how Karan blackmailed her with Piya. Tipsy asks him what he want. Karan says 2things, one you have to clear my image Infront of media because you have to clear what your boyfriend has started and 2nd thing I will tell you tomorrow.

Tipsy says Karan can never touch the girl without her consent. Reporters asks her didn’t she see the video of Sanam Mehta video clip which has gone viral and questions her if she still love Karan. Tipsy says I came here to tell what I know, I’m his wife but he never touched me without my approval, so it’s important to find the truth behind Sanam video.

Aryan Khan thinks Karan wife left him but why she back to clear his image. Sanam says you have to know it because you said they hate eachother and everything set but his wife is defending him. Aryan says we are missing something. Sanam says maybe she is doing this for money. Aryan says she is not that type, Tripura is devoted wife. Sanam says can you tell me the real story behind their separation.

Tipsy thinks I hate you Mr Kanna, you used your daughter, if I had doubted my decision of leaving you, than today I believe I wasn’t wrong. Flashback starts where Tipsy arranges anniversary party of them so Udayan friend can meet Karan. Udayan enters the party, Karan feels uncomfortable. Tipsy asks him about his friend. He tries to call but network won’t available than she takes him to other place. Than Karan listens how people gossip Karan can’t make happy his wife so she caught up with her boss. Karan drinks alcohol and sees Udayan helping Tipsy. Karan speaks rudely with Udayan and accuses them for sleeping together.  Tipsy slaps him and left from his life.

Zoya says how Tipsy agreed. Karan says I used your trick. Karan won’t you ever felt this kid may belongs to you. Karan thinks how he found Tipsy pregnancy report, when he ask to perform DNA test, she reveals him that he is not the father of her kid and leaves. Karan says I will ruin Tipsy.

Tipsy thinks I have to leave from Mumbai after informing to Ved but Karan enters her house and forces her to stay with him to clear his image. Tipsy looks shocked. Reporters surrounds the building, Ved thinks how Karan blackmailed Tipsy, and confronts Karan. But Karan mocks him. Piya happily goes with Karan. Radhika calls Karan scolds him for not informing about the situation, Karan says now everything is set. Radhika says Tipsy is always stronger support for you and asks him but List of Trisha wedding shopping with Tipsy help.

Outside court Ved asks why you left without informing me anything, Karan blackmailed you right. Tipsy says no, I’m doing this to clear Karan image because he is victim and I’m feel bad about it. Ved says I know about you from 4years, this is not you. Tipsy says you don’t know me when I’m in love, I can’t lose my daughter to him. Karan sees Tipsy with Ved and mocks them. They attends court hearing.

Karan ,Zoya celebrates and than He leaves to home but loses his control seeing Ved with Tipsy at outside his place. Karan talks with venom. Tipsy says I thought you might be changed in these 5years but youre the same narrow minded and Doubtful person, Ved cane here to give Piya luggage. Karan says sorry for misunderstanding and takes Tipsy with him. Ved thinks to protect Tipsy and Piya from Karan.