Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 1st April 2020 Written Update: Karan and Tripura realize their feelings for each other

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Episode begins with a timeline of 3 days of the incident with Tripua passed away. Sharda is spending her night with a random guy who says to her that he is an aspiring actor and wants to meet Karan Khanna and that is why he approached her. She feels insulted with this and she throws him out of a room by using an excuse. He gets into an awkward position as he has no clothes on his body so he gets inside a room after seeing the door is open without realising that the room belongs to Tripura.

Karan comes inside the room and he gets shocked to see a naked man inside the room of his counselor. Tripura comes outside and she is shocked to see Karan and that guy in such an odd position and she asks Karan to behave himself properly. suddenly Tripura diseases video call from her mother and she wanted how come she is just learning to do a video call? Her mother wants to talk to Karan but the situation of the room is not such that they could talk much.

After making the guy out of the room, Karan wants to know from Tripura, why she is not interested in filing a police complaint against Romila officially? She says I have two reasons for not filing a police complaint, the first one is she is mentally sick and needs medical help and also she is a relative of Rohan who is going to be your son in law so you really want police to come under arrest before 3 days of marriage?

She says Romila wants proper therapy and for that current needs to talk to her directly. Karan meets the mother-in-law from Romila who says to him, you should tell your doctor about your feelings for her before it’s too late, if not anyone but I can see that you are in love with her. Trisha is going for a night club when Rohan is asking her why she is avoiding him but she doesn’t give him a proper answer. Romila comes inside the room of Karan and they started talking on the insists of Tripura.

Tripura gets a call from someone and she excuses herself from that place when Karan is trying to make Romila understand that she needs help and even if she has any feelings for him he cannot encourage that in any way. During the conversation Karan realised that he is indeed in love with Tripura and even his friend Vishal also confirms the same.

Tripura lost caring of her father and she is trying to find it out when the staff of the hotel suggested her to get any clue from the CCTV footage and when she goes there to find out about her ring, she finally could see how Karan saves her that day from the tragedy. While Tripura is searching for her ring in the garden area, Karan gets a ring inside the room and when he tries to check it, it got stuck in his finger. Karan receives a call from Trisha and she asks him to come immediately for her because she is stuck in a problem.

Prabuddh spots Radhika and Karan having a conversation with each other regarding Krishna and he somehow realises that even after so many years he still remains a third person between the family of these people. He feels little bit sad but then he is managed himself in a better way because he is not insecure of Karan anymore. Karan reaches the spot where Trisha is stuck and he gives money to the people and rescued Trisha from there.

Tripura is not getting sleep in my room as she is lost in the thoughts of Karan and is searching for an excuse to be with him and suddenly she remembers that she forgot to check the BP of the current so she goes to do it at 3:00 a.m. in the morning time. Tripura comes inside the room of Karan and she finds out that he is with her daughter and he is scolding her for getting into a car with two strangers without having any prior information about them. The morning Radhika again tries to know from Karan that if I open the same about Rohan or her marriage and Prabuddha notices them again.

Karan and Tripura had a conversation with each other properly in the morning while having breakfast and Tripura says you are such a good person then what is the purpose of showing the world that you are very mean and selfish? Karan gets a call from the mother of Tripura who wants his help to get married and after the call he promised himself that Tripura will be his wife only.