Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 20th April 2020 Written Update: Karan hurts Tripura, Tripura plans to leave Karan forever once his case and Trisha wedding is over

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Episode starts with Karan thinks am I punishing Tipsy or myself, than he gets Ved number from Divya. Karan forces Tipsy to stay in his bedroom. Tipsy enters the room and reminsces their old moments seeing the room and their pics. Tipsy thinks whatever I’m doing is for Piya so bring it on Mr Khan a, I’m ready for it. Karan video calls Ved and shows him that Tipsy is with him. Ved asks Tipsy what’s happening, what are you doing in Karan bedroom. Tipsy says I will tell you everything but trust me, I will talk to later. Ved says good night and ends the call.

Tipsy says did you get me in your bedroom for this? Karan says it’s our bedroom. Tipsy says what do you want. Karan says nothing but I still sleep in left side. Tipsy goes to otherside. Karan thinks No matter how much I try to hurt  or insult Tipsy but it’s not affecting her, I’m hurting myself in this process, I did huge mistake by getting Tipsy and Piya to my home.

Next day Zoya informs to Karan that everything changed according to their favour, when she about to leave Karan hugs her noticing Tipsy. Later Karan asks do you feeling jealous. Tipsy says I don’t even want to have second chance with you. Karan says yeah I know you like new flavours. Tipsy says we have contract that’s why I’m here, once contract bis over , this act will be end, hope you remember it. Karan says you gained some weight, now, reporters are going to take pictures of us, maybe Ved likes you like this but you have to maintain fitness for my image. Tipsy says its matter of a month, once Trisha wedding is done than everything will be done and you will be out from my and Piya life so remember it, it’s just contract.

Sanam informs Ved that Karan lawyers filed defamation case on her and other things. During their conversation Ved feels doubtful on Sanam.

Karan takes Tipsy to lunch but Tipsy get call from School and she leaves hurriedly. Principal informs Tipsy that Piya is informing to everyone that having 2dads is cool and other kids parents are complaining to us. Tipsy tries to explain but Principal mocks about her values informs her that they are suspending Piya. Karan enters with his publicist threatens staff and Principal that he will go to press. Principal gets scared and allows Piya to study in their class. Tipsy thanks Karan for managing the situation. Karan says I did for Piya and seeing her I feel she is like me, but all men  in tour life thinks same right, can you tell me who’s daughter is she?

Tipsy says play game of inky pinky and found the dad. Karan says dont it make any difference to you. Tipsy says no because I’m dad and mom of Piya. Ved enters and assures Tipsy that he will take action against school of they suspend Piya. Karan says you’re late Ved and takes Tipsy with him. Ved and Tipsy recalls the circumstances that led them to be a best friends and how Ved becomes the best dad of Piya.

Trisha calls Karan and upset over seeing Tipsy with Karan and when he about to explain her Trisha cuts call asking him to take care of his other daughter n Ved thinks did i loose something precious seeing Tipsy and Piya pic. Romila spies on Sanam.

Ved gets some info and he comes with police. Karan and zoya asks what’s happening. Police reveals that Sanam video is leaked from Karan office abd IP address of Zoya. They arrests Zoya. Zoya says Karan I didn’t do it. Ved says every woman is against you Karan. Zoya tries to explain but Karan leaves saying he will send upaman to station.

Tipsy sees arrangements of Trisha wedding and she notices they are charging high and gets discount. She informs this to Karan that she got 1lakh discount. Karan mocks her and writes cheque of 2.5lakhs and asks her to take it as a tip. Tipsy says its not enough because I’m doing many things for you as your acting wife. Karan asks what’s your rate if I touch you. Tipsy resists and says I will send the bill.Karan says how much you charge from Ved. Tipsy says Ved is so good and I feel I must pay him. Karan leaves angrily.

Later Tipsy reminsces her old moments with Karan and than thinks I feel like I can’t bear it more maybe because I have loved him so much, once this case and Trisha wedding is over, I will clear his name and leave him forever.