Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 22nd April 2020 Written Update: Karan find outs Piya is his daughter, Karan gets arrested for murdering Sanam

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 22nd April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

The episode starts with Sanam gets agitated when her Projects are getting cancelled. Karan says my interior decorator is coming to design Piya room. Tipsy says its not needed because we will go from here once case is over. Karan says we don’t know when it will end. Tipsy says as per Ved it will end very soon. Karan gets frustrated.

Next day Tipsy arranges wardrobe of Ved and questions him that what you made for lunch. Ved asks her to check and had lunch with her. Tipsy says it’s been 25days ,hope this case will end soon. Ved says soon, I confronted Sanam and she spoke of changing lawyer, I will have to play safe because I know she is lying. Tipsy holds his hand than she leaves seeing Karan call, she informs Karan that she will come but Karan says he is coming in 2mints.

Ved comes to Tipsy Nd confesses his love and asks her to give him a chance.  Karan overhears their convo. Tipsy says even I want to give you a chance, Mr Khanna blackmailed me and he is my mistake and I hate him for dragging Piya in this mess but I’m glad that Piya is not his daughter and I also wants to give us a chance. Karan leaves from that place. Tipsy notice this and thanks Ved for perfect timing of his act. Ved looks frustrated and thinks Karan ruined his things again.

Karan thinks it’s my mistake to think Piya is my daughter and than he notices Trisha with Rohan and asks them what happened. Trisha says don’t create scene and goes with him. Later in car Karan asks Trisha about why she is with Rohan, asks her about isn’t she happy with marriage. Trisha says marrying jai is escape route and don’t tell mom. Karan says I won’t but Marriage is not joke, it’s must be with love and understanding. Trisha says like your marriage with mom and Nagarajan right, you’re the last person to talk about relationship, because of your genes I’m like you. Karan Says don’t marry just to get back at me. Trisha says life is already ruined, you got second chance but you moved on with new women, you’re like a Acid who damage people near you, congratulations you ruined it for everyone and she leaves.

At home Karan gets DNA report and gets shocked knowing Piya is his daughter and than he confronts Tipsy that why she lied to him. Tipsy says I worked for Udayan but you thinks I have an affair and I can’t prove to you everytime that I’m innocent. Karan says I’m sorry for everything ,you and Piya deserve better person than me, pack your bags.

Tipsy leaves to her place, Ved asks what happened but she maintains silent without revealing anything. Karan gets call from Sanam and she pleads to meet her, he goes to her place and gets shocked. Later Tipsy notices Karan murdered Sanam in news. Tipsy asks Ved about it. Ved says Karan confessed his crime. Tripura goes to meet Karan at police station and questions him why he confesses the crime he never did. Karan asks why you care for me whenever I’m in problem, you need to walk away from me and leaves. Tipsy cries thinking about her promise to Karan saying she never leaves him. Ved checks the call records and other things with Karan lawyer.

Aryan ask Divya that who might be killer of Sanam. Ved assures Tipsy that nothing will happen to Karan. Ved thinks Tipsy I can do anything for you seeing the things he collected from their first meet.

Ved meets Zoya. Zoya asks it didn’t go like planned but did you reveal anything to Tipsy. Ved says Tipsy don’t know anything and I will take care of it. Tipsy again goes to police station and asks Karan to fight for justice to be part of his daughters Nd her life.