Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 26th March 2020 Written Update: Karan is left heartbroken with his daughter speech

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Episode begins with Karan and Dipsy are going to Mahabaleshwar when she requested him to halt the car nearby some restaurants or dhaba area so that she can go and use the toilet. Kadan stop the car before a food joint and says to her after this you will not get any good area to give a stop so please use the toilet or do whatever you want for that matter. She goes to use it but then comes back instantly because the toilet is too dirty.

During their journey to the hotel, Karan gives multiple stoppages but she doesn’t able to use the toilet anywhere due to it’s being dirty. Karan himself halts the car in a vacant area and comes back after being freshen up. Dipsy is talking to her mother and is explaining the situation to her.

Finally after facing a lots of hazards in the way, Karan and Dipsy reached the hotel and scada noticed that she had dozed off already in the car itself. He calls her to let her know that they have reached the venue. She again calls her mother to let her know that she has reached the place and she doesn’t need to worry about her well being. Karan goes inside and enquires about the rooms and asks to give him the keys of both the rooms. One for himself and the other one for the guest comes in with him.

Karan and Dipsy both goes into their own rooms and she calls Sheri to let her know that she is facing a lot of problems and hurdles due to Karan. It is impossible for her to tolerate that person anymore. Sheri told her and he took a sip of alcohol and now if you both are going to stay in two different rooms then how you are going to treat him. Basically your hundred percent success rate of your career is going to be dumped with this kind of progression of Karan Khanna and you.

Dipsy says she will not let Karan ruin her reputation like this. She comes inside the room of Karan after creating a huge chaos at the reception table to find out the room number of him. She ordered him to go out of the room and says I need to check your luggages, cupboard and stuff as I am sure you are taking a drink hiding from me. She is having an argument with Karan when his ex-wife walks into the room and she gets shocked to see the state of the room.

Karan tries to explain to her the situation but she doesn’t understand at all and thinks of Tripurasundari as a prostitute. Dr. Nagrajan gets so embarrassed to be addressed like that and she tries to explain that she is a counsellor and he is with her for rehabilitation but his ex-wife is not ready to listen. Dipsy walks out of the room after finding out that he is here for attending the marriage ceremony of his daughter.

Dipsy comes back to his room with her card to prove she is indeed a doctor but unfortunately his wife is not ready to listen and she slams Karan and walks out of the room after saying neither I invited you nor your daughter Trisha. Radhika comes to the room of her husband and she is terribly upset with him for inviting Karan. Her husband Prabuddha is saying that I have no issue with him coming as a guest at the marriage ceremony of my daughter because I feel tomorrow Trisha can question us why her biological father is not present at her marriage ceremony.

Radhika says you are too good of a human being and sometimes I feel so cheap in front of you. Tripura gets into a trouble when some people at the hotel misunderstood her profession and her purpose to be here. Karan accidentally meets her stalker and old co-star Romila who accidentally the aunty of the fiance of his daughter.

He tries to meet his daughter Trisha and gives her a present but she didn’t greet him with much enthusiasm and later on at the cocktail party lunch Karan is dejected and heartbroken with the announcement of Trisha and her speech about his father. He understands that he has no place in the world of his daughter and his ex wife anymore and they didn’t count on him at all. Tripura gets sad to see him upset and dejected in the ceremony like this.