Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 2nd April 2020 Written Update: Karan suggests Tipsy to think twice before accepting the Anandam proposal

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 2nd April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Episode starts with Sherry asks Karan to arrive at cofee shop immediately saying Anandam issue is triggy.  Karan arrives at shop and sees Anandam and declares that he don’t like him seeing his fitness. Anandam and Karan greets eachother and Anandam asks about Karan occupation. Karan says I’m an actor. Tipsy informs Anandam that Karan is super star since 25years. Anandam reacts like I won’t believe. Tippsy takes Anandam with her to have breakfast. Karan observes them. Anandam asks Tipsy is he really a superstar.  Tipsy says yes he is star in bollywood. Karan feels jealous. Anandam asks Tipsy to join with him for Davan trip. Karan gets tensed and says she can’t go anywhere because of her work. Tipsy says I’m with Karan as deadiction counselor so I can’t. Anandam says Addiction for food right. Tipsy says behave Addy and takes him with her.

Vishal asks Karan to do something before Anandam. Both gets shocked seeing Anandam proposing Tipsy. Anandam asks Tipsy to take her own time. Karan comes to her and suggest her to take time before taking any decision. Addy asks him to give them space. Anandam proposes her in Tamil because of Karan presence. Tipsy says it’s tough to answer out of shock. Anandam asks her for a date. Tipsy agrees.

Karan follows Anandam and Tipsy. Vishal asks him whether he confessed his feelings. Karan says just now Anandam proposed her and I can’t tell her immediately like tender because it’s love.

Karan meets Tipsy and tries his ways to make Tipsy believe that Anadam is not correct choice. He asks Tipsy to wear scarf to date than Tipsy notices her Dad ring on Karan finger and asks him how he get it and denands him to return it. Karan says it’s strucked but Tipsy says I will remove it and tries to get it from Karan. Anandam listens their shouts and enters the room. Tipsy explains how her dad ring got strucked with Karan and goes to get ready. Anandam asks Karan how he get the ring. Karan says it’s long story, actually Tanpura came to my room at midnight. Anandam stops him and asks him to never says Tanpura because it’s rude. Karan agrees. Anandam sees Tipsy in his favourite colour dress and thanks her for remembering his favourite colour. Tipsy smiles. Both went to date. Karan seems frustrated.

Karan removes ring and thinks their is something between us, that’s why her dad ring strucked with me as a sign. Karan moves to Date place reminscing that he is falling for Tipsy. In the way Trisha meets him and thanks for his help and asks his views about love. Karan explains her in his way. Both wishes eachother all the best.

Anandam asks Tipsy to have more drinks. Fans hoots seeing Karan. Tipsy asks him to join them but warns him to stay away from drinks. Karan asks her did you drink. Tipsy says sometimes with friends. Addy says I’m the one who named her as Tipsy. Karan says even I named her Tanpura, your Tipsy name is public but my nick name is private. Tipsy asks why I feel you both are trying pull down eachother. Both says no and Tipsy finishes her drink. Anandam goes to get another drink than Karan asks him whether he plan to make her agree his proposal in drunken state. Anandam says she doesn’t need your protection and so stop your stalking. Karan gets call and msg from Radhika saying she needs his help.

Tipsy gets dizzy and Karan holds her and advices Tipsy to don’t take any decision in hurry and asks her to think like Rude Tipsy before taking important decisions because Rude Tipsy is intelligent than drunk one. He again gets Radhika call and informs her that he is coming and asks Anandam to take care of Tipsy.  Anandam asks Tipsy about her answer for his proposal. Tipsy looks on.

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