Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 3rd April 2020 Written Update: Sudden demise of Prabuddha changes the Life of Karan and Tripura

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The episode starts Vishal says Tripura is leaving with Anandam. Karan says so what I can do. Radhika gets worried knowing Prabuddha didn’t reach to Mumbai. On the way, Anadam says I love u and you love someone but we both are traveling with heartbreak. Tipsy says I don’t know anything about it but I know one thing that I’m going while leaving the part of my heart. Karan goes after Tripura. On the way, Dacoits kidnaps Karan, Tripura, Anandam. Dacoits leave them taking everything. Anadam goes to search for some help.

Tripura says bad things are happening in my life because of you. Karan stops her and praises her qualities and confesses how much he loves her with a plastic ring. Tipsy says I don’t know what’s happening, initially, I hated you but you’re a different man who takes care of simple things. Karan asks her to reply straightly. Tipsy says my heart is not with me when I’m moving away from you when she about to confess Vishal interrupts them saying important work and takes them to hospital. Trisha hugs Karan. He asks her what happened.

Trisha says Dad is in a coma and doctors are saying his chances are low. Karan consoles her. Nurse handover video message of Prabuddha to Karan. Prabuddha says I hate you, Karan, because you got Radika and Trisha before me but you corrected Trisha when she doing mistake like a dad and please take care of my special people after my death because I’m returning them to you and use this second chance matching my standards and make them happy. Radhika and Trisha cries badly. The nurse asks Karan to come with them for paperwork. Karan says I have to leave Tipsy and I’m sorry. Tipsy says it’s ok and moves from the hospital in a broken state.

 After a 3months leap, Tripura spends her time in Vienna completing her wishlist but she thinks I’m living in my dream world from 3months still I’m not happy, one should happy when their dreams are getting fulfilled but I’m feeling lonely. One guy asks Tipsy for a date. Tipsy shows her ring on a thump finger. Guy says the wrong finger and do you think a man who gave you plastic ring loves you. Tipsy says I have done research on it if you ask this question before 3months but now I’m sure. Guy asks who is he. Tipsy looks on.

Here Karan acts in a scene similar to his situation and confesses Marry me Tipsy. Director cuts the scene and informs Karan that the heroine name is Tanvi.

Tipsy thinks I came to Europe while running from Karan but don’t know where I’m supposed to go from here, I blocked Kanna number so I won’t get any of his messages or calls. Vishal asks Karan to talk with Trisha on call. Trisha informs about her dinner plan with Radhika. Karan says I will join you guys and asks Vishal to wrap up the shoot. Vishal gets surprised with Karan’s change . Tipsy thinks nothing changed even though I’m running away.

Sherry calls Tipsy and asks her to return immediately. Tipsy asks is everything fine with amma and Mr. Khanna. Sherry says finally you’re asking about Kanna. Tipsy packs her things and while traveling back to India she thinks how Karan proposed her 3months back and when she about reply their convo gets interrupted because of Vishal who takes them to hospital, where Radhika and Trisha in broken situation show last msg Prabuddha asking Karan to take care of them. Here Tipsy thinks after Prabuddha’s death, our story is not about me and Karan but Radhika and Trisha are part of it. Tipsy thinks about how Karan went to Radhika and Trisha while seeing her ring.

After 3weeks Karan asks Tipsy to meet him once. Tipsy agrees and asks him to meet at the Juhu ☕ shop. When Karan about to leave to Coffe shop, he gets Trisha’s call saying court people are sealing their house and she asks him to come. Karan goes to Prabuddha’s house. Here Radhika asks Anay why will you do this to us. Anay says you’re not part of our family after Prabuddha’s death and he suggests her to go to her backup. Radhika asks Backup. Anay says see your Karan is here. Tipsy waits for Karan at the shop and calls him many times. Anay says Radhika’s marriage with Prabuddha is not legalized. Karan takes Radhika and Trisha with him.

Later Karan notices Tippsy msg saying it’s been two hours at the shop so I’m leaving. After 3days Karan goes to Tipsy place and asks her why she is avoiding him. Tipsy says I’m making things easy for you because I got to know things are not easy after Prabuddha’s death and they need you and You got another chance to reunite with Trisha and Radhika, plus I never confessed I love you. Karan says it’s not needed to listen to your confession because I know you. Tipsy says even if I love you that’s my problem and she asks him to get Coffee for her. Karan goes to get coffee but she leaves placing the message chit in car. Karan notices her msg saying we both need time.

Tipsy thinks finally I’m going to India after 3months and now I don’t know what’s Mr. Kanna relation with Radhika. Tipsy calls Sherry and informs her that she landed in Mumbai and asks her why she involved in the court cases. Sherry asks her to come soon. Tipsy reaches to court and asks Sherry what happened. Sherry informs her that she going to marry. Tipsy gets confused thinking why court marriage and asks Sherry about the groom but gets shocked seeing Karan at court with garlands. Sherry says yes Karan and you left him.

Karan feels happy seeing Tipsy. Tipsy congratulates him and asks how can you do this to me that to with my sister than she gets surprised knowing Vishal is the one who’s marrying Sherry. Karan says you ran away from me when I went to get you a coffee. Tipsy says Sherry’s mom will create a scene once she found about marriage. Both sign as witnesses and fight with each other in their own way. Karan leaves Tipsy at her place and thinks how he waited for her arrival when he enters his place, he dashes with the table. Radhika asks him what happened. Karan thinks everything changed in these 3months.