Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 4th April 2020 Written Update: Karan and Vishal tries to impress Tipsy and Sherry mom’s, Tripura Ex Paalash is back

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Episode starts with Karan makes coffee for him and Radhika. She thanks Karan for his help. Karan says whatever I did is for Trisha happiness and he thinks if people saw us than they might feel we are happy couple after getting second chance but reality is different, we stay in different rooms, Radhika didn’t forget Prabuddha and im waiting for Tipsy, once she is back to my life I started fighting and enjoying the time, Tipsy said Radhika and Trisha needs me but I fought with her saying I will come back to her after resolving my problems in 3-4months. but I didn’t reveal to Tipsy that Radhika is staying with me, I have to tell her today because she understands my situation.

Next day Tipsy gets shocked after getting message from Sherry and she calls Karan to come to her place. Bela comes to Radhika and teases her saying you’re doing Yoga but Karan is getting fit. Radhika says you’re one week late because tomorrow is boutique inauguration. Bela says I know arrangements will be fine, but why are you guys staying in different rooms, you still have a chance to be a family. Radhika says it never related with bedroom to be a family.

Karan asks Tipsy why she is worried. Tipsy says Sherry eloped with Vishal. Karan says it’s not eloping but a honeymoon. Tipsy plays Sherry audio message stating She is running away from home because she is scared to face her mom after marrying other community guy. Karan asks Tipsy to call Sherry until she attends the call. Karan goes near plants and Pampers them saying names. Tipsy asks him how he know. Karan says I started knowing about plants because of you. Tipsy gets Vishal call. Karan asks both of tgem to return. Vishal says Sherry is denying it saying Tipsy will manage. Karan asks Vishal to put phone on speaker and both asks Sherry to return but Sherry cuts the call saying manage for 2days.

Karan takes Tripura to Sherry and Vishal hiding place. Sherry and Vishal gets romantic but they gets shocked seeing Karan and Tipsy. Tipsy asks Sherry to come with her to face her mom. Sherry and Vishal asks Karan to manage. Karan says i have a plan, Sherry you just scared because your mom won’t accept Vishal but it’s good if we make Vishal according to your mom choice until than hide your marriage and ask your mom to search the groom. Tipsy says it’s risky and like some of your failed story. Sherry agrees for the plan.

Tipsy asks Karan to drop her at restaurant. Later Karan notices Tipsy left her phone and he goes to return the phone but gets angry seeing Tipsy with some European guy and leaves. Tipsy tries to stops him but Karan says sorry for spoiling your date. Tipsy brings European guy with her to Karan. He says you’re same Karan who gave Wings to Tipsy and she always talks about you. Karan asks how you know Hindi. He says Tipsy is my Hindi tutor and now I came here to India tour and he leaves after saying bye to them.  Karan apologies to Tipsy for his misunderstanding. Tipsy says you feel like I’m running away right that’s true I’m running from you because I’m scared. Karan says what’s the need to be scared when we love eachother. Tipsy says did you solve your problems, where I’m in your life. They gets interrupted by Radhika call who informs Karan about their dinner. Tipsy asks who but Karan says friend and I will sort all my problems and you will sort yours than we will be together, can we do that. Tipsy says you grown up and both smiles. Karan thinks why I’m hiding about Radhika matter from Tipsy.

Karan,Tipsy,Sherry and Vishal waits for Chetty arrival at airport. Tipsy explains it’s tough to impress Chetty. They receives Chetty and she dont like Karan and Vishal so she takes Tipsy and Sherry with her.

Radhika asks Trisha to come quickly but At shopping mall some item fell in Trisha shopping bag, at exit she caughts and they started getting blame her but than Palash Mehta saves her saying about sections. Issue gets cool down. Karan goes to Trisha and she introduce Palash as her saviour to Karan. Karan invites Palash for dinner and both goes to inauguration.

Sherry taunts her Amma. Tipsy says why are you taunting Amma. Sherry says now we both are involved and mom is planning both of our marriages plus she don’t like Karan. Trisha gets shocked seeing Rohan at inauguration. Radhika says I invited him and asks Trisha to show everything to Rohan. Trisha thanks Rohan for coming to their party. Rohan says we were friends.

Tipsy says what to do. Sherry says I’m already married but now it’s your problem. Karan and Radhika receives everyone, after party Karan asks are you happy. Radhika says yes. Palash takes drugs and than his subordinate informs him about some heritage property case. It’s turn to be Radhika and she says we have right to have the house. Palash declares that she don’t have right and plus she looks happy with her ex. Radhika says it’s wrong interpretation. Palash says in court we might get more interpretations and it’s reality and leaves after getting call. Radhika asks his lawyer to do something.

Karan picks Tipsy from market and says I know Addu is ready to marry you anytime listening your mom talks, now I can’t give any commitment but I too created list of things I have to do with you. Karan drops her. She listens some couple issue and reminsces her past with Paalash.