Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 6th April 2020 Written Update: Tripura gets disappointed after knowing Radhika is staying with Karan

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Episode starts with Tipsy gets shocked seeing Sherry handling Romila at their house. At club Karan informs Palash that he left drinking when he offers him drink. Palash asks what you do fir fun. Karan gets call from Tipsy and she asks him to come immediately to their place to manage Romila. Karan says I have stalker to make my life intresting and leaves saying he will catch him tomorrow.

Tipsy asks Romila to don’t create scene. Tipsy tries to shout seeing Chetty but Karan closes her mouth and hides with her. Once Chitty goes inside Karan begs her to leave for him. She agrees.

Karan informs Romila is back to Radhika but he notices her looking sad and asks her what happened. Radhika says how new lawyer insulted him. Karan call their lawyer and asks him to arrange next meeting when he is with Radhika.

Next day Tipsy met Radhika at shop, Radhika informs changes in Karan routine and invites Tipsy to home. Tipsy looks confused but leaves from that boutique. Palash reach to boutique because of his meeting with Radhika and gets stunned seeing Tipsy from back and he asks who is she. Radhika says friend. Palash asks her why she wants to talk with him. Radhika asks him to understand her love relationship with Prabuddha and even you may fell in love. Palash says yes I fell in love 10years back, I can sympathize you but can’t help.

Karan asks Vishal,Sherry and Tipsy to help him to solve the Romila matter. Karan gets drunk and takes drug while reminscing about his moments with Tipsy. Karan leaves after saying bye to everyone but Strucked with Romila at private booth and tries to get romantic with him but Beeji saves him and than he gets call from hotel saying him to take his friend Palash. Karan drops drunk Palash at his home. Once Palash gets conscious Karan asks him why  are you drinking alcohol and taking cocaine and suggest him to meet his doctor for detox. Palash says I’m fine in this way and thanks for your help and your remind myself and I ruined  my love but you won’t. Karan says thanks.

Next day Palash and Karan come face to face at the meeting and gets surprised seeing eachother. Radhika lawyer provides documents stating Radhika stay with Prabuddha. Palash asks where do you stay currently. Radhika says she is staying with Karan. Palash says they don’t have any solid proof to get Prabudda property and asks Karan to stay away from this case and move on. Karan shouts how dare you. Radhika says we need break. Karan moves out and Palash follows him. Karan says you’re using the things I say you in confidence. Palash asks Karan to understand and he advices to get some deal from his client. Karan says Prabuddha and Radhika are happily married abd they never thought about marriage certificate and I’m with Radhika in this battle because she needs that house and you won’t understand it, you’re alone because of your nature and you will die alone. Palash looks disturbed. His dad says we need to celebrate because we gonna win it. Palash says you always celebrate when I’m in sad mode and leaves.

Bela says why you want Prabuddha property when you have happy life with Karan. Radhika says Trisha must get Prabudda legacy and noone can take Prabuddha place from my heart.

Radhika informs Karan that she is moving out from his house. Karan asks her to avoid Palash words and think about Trisha. Radhika says I dont want to give any reason to Anay. Karan clearly denies her idea.

Vishal tries to impress Chetty but ends up in mess. At market Chetty beats Visgal for following her daughter. To escape from her Vishal reveals that he likes Tipsy. She gets shocked. Later Karan shouts on Vishal for creating another problem. Chetty asks Tipsy do you Vishal because he likes you. Tipsy says he is like my bro. Amma and Chetty says only Addu loves Tipsy and we will forgive you Karan if you make Tipsy to agree for neeting with Addu. Karan says Addu can’t do anything.

Chetty says to Amma that Vishal is better than Addu so it’s good if we make Tipsy agree for him. Chetty and Amma compel Tipsy to agree for her marriage with Vishal. Tipsy leaves.

Everyone chooses fake groom for Sherry. That time Radhika comes towards them and asks Karan about their house keys. Tipsy gets shocked and leaves from that place. Karan thinks everything gets ruined.