Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 8th April 2020 Written Update: Tripura feels jealous seeing Radhika bond with Karan

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Episode starts with Tipsy meets Addy at restaurant and avoids Karan calls. Karan comes to hotel and asks her why she is avoiding him. Addy asks Karan to stay away. Karan says you don’t know our relationship. Tipsy says he is just my patient and nothing between us and leaves. Karan follows her and asks if their is nothing between us than why you get angry seeing me with Radhika. Tipsy says you hide from me that you’re living with your wife and daughter like a family. Karan says you told me to take care of my responsibilities, I’m doing it.

Tipsy says but you lied to me. Karan says I agree but give me one chance, you react more because you love me. Tipsy says you didnt trust me thats why you lied to me. Karan says yes I lied, you ran away to Europe if you stay here in these months you may know whats happening between us, Radhika is just friend and you’re the love of my life, if you understand it and want to talk to me than you will come to my house because I’m done with running after you and he leaves.

Sherry says Tipsy today your behaviour with Karan is very bad. Tipsy agrees and notices the plastic ring and reminsces their confrontation and leaves to Khanna house. Karan surprised with Tipsy arrival. Radhika welcomes her and invites her to join them for dinner. Tipsy says I cane here to give for evaluation of Karan and joins them. Tipsy feels bad while listening Radhika and Karan old moments and seeimg their bond.

Tipsy tries to leave. Karan stops her. Tipsy says I realized my behavior at cafe is bad but after seeing your different behaviour with me around Radhika, I realized you’re perfect with your family and their is no need of me. Karan holds her and says Radhika is just friend but I’m hapoy seeing your jealousy side. Tipsy asks him to move away. Karan says our heartbeats are rising when we are near, you’re doctor right than understand our feelings of Love. Tipsy says her past is affecting her and leaves after breaking her relationship with him. Karan looks broken.

Sherry asks what happened. Tipsy says I decided that I won’t meet Karan ever because I’m feeling like other woman. Sherry calls Vishal to know the matter. Vishal informs her that Tipsy brokeup with Karan. Sherry consoles Tipsy.

Next day Tipsy gets shocked seeing Karan,Vishal with her Amma. Amma sats Tiosy why you didn’t tell me that Karan font have place to stay. Tipsy says you have so many places but why you came here. Karan says it’s like our home. Amma agrees with him and asks to stay with them.

Tipsy shows their room to him and asks what she have to do so he will leave from their place. Karan says don’t breakup with me. Chetty asks Tipsy opinion about Vishal. Tipsy says he is like bhai. Chetty says it’s your sanskar and she asks Vishal to confess. Sherry notices Addy and reveals to everyone that Tipsy loves Addy. Addy feels happy. Karan seems frustrated.

Sherry gets new match. Karan invites Tipsy for Trisha birthday. Tipsy says she is coming because Trisha also invited her. Chetty says I will go to Tirupati after Sherry marriage with Madhavan.

At Trisha birthday party everyone enjoys the party. Rohan asks how Trisha felt about decoration. Trisha says she loved it. Everyone takes pics in photobooth. Tipsy felt sad seeing Karan poses with Radhika. Karan notices Tipsy is sad and asks her what happened. Tipsy ignores him and goes to photobooth with Sherry.

Lawyer says Radhika is not answering, Anay says why we are warning Radhika. Karan goes to Tipsy than Sherry leaves them alone. Karan says you think I’m not showing our affection right than he holds her closely. Tipsy asks him to behave. Rohan witness Karan closeness with Tipsy.

Trisha says I feel Mr Kanna and mom are looking good so it’s good if they reunited. Rohan sats maybe it’s late and Karan may like someone too. Trisha says it won’t happen. Karan says what’s your problem. Tipsy says you’re reckless sometimes. Rohan informs them that projector is disconnected and asks them to give sometime to set it. Tipsy leaves. Palash assures Anay that Radhika will not be the owner of cafe by tomorrow.